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This article is about the religious group. You may be looking for The Order (DmC), the secret activist organization in DmC: Devil May Cry.

The story goes that Sparda served as the feudal lord at the city long ago. The people who live there today take these legends as truth and worship him. Just like a god.
—Lady to Dante, Devil May Cry 4

The Order of the Sword (魔剣教団, Maken Kyōdan?) is a religious organization that believes that long ago, Sparda served as the feudal lord in Fortuna and[1] worship him with the objective to eradicate all demons in his name.[2]

Base of Operations[]

The main headquarters of the Order is an immense fortress on the eastern side of the island, built above the ocean itself.



The Order has a heavily funded and extensive research division dedicated to the development of their technology. This research division does not only develop anti-demon weapons, like Durandal and Caliburn swords, but also does extensive research into magic, alchemy and demonic sub-species. They use this knowledge to create their own artificial demons, among many other uses.[3]


DMC 3142 GA p108 Nero's weapons

A page from the Devil May Cry: 3142 Graphic Arts artbook.

As can be expected from the name, the Order's weapon of choice is a sword. The ones the Holy Knights presently use were designed by Agnus, the Order's Chief Alchemist. These anti-demon weapons feature a combustion engine, which, when revved, allow for powerful sword strikes. There are two variations of this design:

  • Caliburn - Standard weapons of the Order's Knights. They feature a slimmer blade than the officer's Durandal.
  • Durandal - Officers' swords. Credo's sword is a Durandal. Nero uses a standard Durandal during "Mission 01: Birds Of A Feather." Nero's Red Queen which he uses for the rest of the series is a heavily modified variant of the Durandal.

Artificial Demons[]

Demons created by the Order to support their ranks.

  • Cutlass - A demon made from combining fish and a blade, it can cut through the earth and metal with its powerful fin-blade.
  • Gladius - A reptilian flying demon that can take the shape of a large sword. It is wielded by Agnus as his preferred weapon in combat.
  • Basilisk - A dog-shaped demon capable of launching its head like a fireball.
  • Alto & Bianco Angelos - Artificial demons created by animating a Angelo body armor using demon and human souls. The Bianco Angelos serve as the primary foot soldiers of the Order, whereas the Alto Angelos serve as battle commanders and tactical leaders.
  • The Savior - A gigantic, immensely powerful living statue like-demon, created in the image of Sparda by melding together millennia of demonic matter and spirit.[4] It is pivotal to the Order's plans and the key to spreading their propoganda.

Other technology[]

  • Ascension Ceremony - A process devised by the Order in order to empower its subjects with demonic abilities. If successful, it grants the participants supernatural powers and a divinely physical appearance, although in reality they only become artificial demons.
  • Hell Gates - By making the smaller copies of the real Hell Gate and powering them with the powerful Devil Arms, The Order was able to open pathways to the Demon World.
    • It was stated by Agnus that they use them as an endless supply of demons in order to harness their souls and convert them into Bianco Angelos, their subservient foot soldiers.[5]
  • Chrono Slicers - These are time-manipulating devices requiring the Key of Cronus to function. Most of them are just prototypes and operate only for a limited period of time.
  • Laser Barriers - These defense mechanisms are composed of rapid-moving lasers, these are encountered in the Headquarters of the Order.
  • Gyro Blade - Large powerful artifacts shaped into top-like structures. They are capable of mobility only with the use of the Anima Mercury.
  • Jump Pads - Pads that allow the user to reach greater heights. They can only be used when the Wing Talisman is nearby.


Before Devil May Cry 4[]

Some time ago, the Order of the Sword was created in worship of Sparda by the people of Fortuna. Over time, the Order came to form several departments, including the Holy Knights for protection and a Technology Bureau to develop anti-demon weapons and technology.

Nineteen years before the events of Devil May Cry 4, Sanctus began poisoning Pope Solemnis. Over the course of two years, Solemnis died and Sanctus took his place as Vicar. He enlisted the likes of Agnus to secretly begin research into demonic power and reviving the Savior.


Holy Knight who participated in the Ascension Ceremony without his helmet.

The Order had been collecting Devil Arms for some time before the game, in order to create minor Hell Gates across the island. In turn, the Gates were needed to summon demons and thus provide the Order with the material to build their own artificial demons (the Angelos and other lesser demons), power the Ascension Ceremony, as well as complete The Savior.[4][5]


The Order of the Sword

Knights of the Order, also called the Holy Knights are the elite military force of the Order of the Sword.

The Order was headed by Sanctus, the holy priest of the Order and Vicar of Sparda[6] who is killed by Dante at the beginning of the game. He was later resurrected through the Ascension Ceremony. After his death at the hands of Nero however, the Order of the Sword became an autonomous group with no real leader. The Knights of the Order were previously lead by the previous Supreme Commander, Credo.[7] Knights all wear uniform clothes and swords, designed by Agnus, the Order's former Chief Alchemist.[8]

Name Rank Status
Sanctus Ruler of the Order; Vicar of Sparda[6] Deceased
Agnus Chief Alchemist[8] Deceased
Credo Supreme General of the Holy Knights[7] Deceased
Josh Holy Knight[9] Deceased
Tonio Holy Knight[10] Unknown
Kagan Holy Knight[11] Unknown
Kars Scientist Unknown
Nero Holy Knight Defected
Gloria (ruse) Holy Knight Executive Defected


EX Nero render

Nero's EX Costume in Devil May Cry 5.

  • In Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, director Hideaki Itsuno originally planned to add a Nero costume based on the Order of the Sword in place of the "Prototype" costume present in the final game. This idea was then used for Nero's EX Costume in Devil May Cry 5. The logo of the Order can even be seen on one of Nero's shoulders.[12][13]


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