Osiris is Dante's first angelic form for the Rebellion in DmC: Devil May Cry. It is a light, speedy scythe that is both powerful and reliable. It specializes in aerial attacks and its abilities are centered around giving Dante weightlessness and agility in order to move through the air and traverse the environment with ease.


Osiris is a large scythe with a light blue hue to it, which represents its angelic nature. The blade is long and curved, coming off the tip of the snaith at its heel. The snaith itself looks to be made out of wood, and it has two grips protruding from opposite ends that resemble whittled branches. Dante uses these handles to help him spin the weapon while he attacks. The pommel on the bottom of the snaith is the same as the grip of his Rebellion, owing to the weapon's shape-shifting ability. When it is used to attack, it leaves behind a light blue streak in its wake, similar to the color of the weapon.

The Osiris has a Golden, Bone, and Samurai skins available through DLC that can be acquired for pre-ordering the game.[1]


While exploring the ruins of his childhood home, Dante comes across an old portrait of his mother, Eva. While observing the portrait, Dante is ambushed by a pack of demons. After defeating them, the winged carving at the base of the portrait begins to glow blue and seems to silently call to Dante. Dante moves closer and reaches into the round carving, but his hand is quickly magnetized to the metal. Light bluish, angelic power begins flowing from the carving, through Dante's arm and into Rebellion, which transforms into Osiris. DmC: Devil May Cry


Osiris (gameplay) DmC

Osiris focuses on quick, sweeping attacks that can mop up enemies crowded at close range.

Osiris is a melee weapon great for crowd control and dealing with numerous enemies at once, thanks to its large sweeping cuts. It is faster than the Rebellion, but also a bit weaker. It has a plethora of attacks on the ground and the air, but it excels in the air, bunching up handfuls of enemies and taking them all out with its wide-reaching combos.

As Dante uses it to attack in quick sequences, Osiris will slowly charge up, denoted by light gleaming near the base of the blade. This gives the weapon more power, rivaling Rebellion's, while still offering all of the scythe's advantages.

It's also possible to charge up Raze, and perform a Just Charge by releasing the key just as the attack reaches its maximum charge. This increases the damage, and leaves behind small blue clouds of energy as Dante spins the scythe.

Osiris' Prop Shredder attack can also be used to perform parries by facing an attacking enemy. The attack's longer animation frames act as a larger window with which the attack can parry enemies.

Acquiring the Osiris rewards the player with the Thing drives me crazy award.


As an Angel-class weapon, use of Osiris is done through holdingB l2/Bx lt in tandem with the other face buttons.

Action Command (PS3) Command (Xbox 360) Command (PC) Description
Karma B l2 +B tB tB tB t Bx lt +Bx yBx yBx yBx y PC Q key + PC lclick PC lclick PC lclick PC lclick A whirlwind of blades that slashes at enemies surrounding Dante
Cleaver B l2 +B tB tB tB tB t Bx lt +Bx yBx yBx yBx yBx y PC Q key + PC lclick PC lclickPC lclick PC lclick PC lclick Several slashes ending with a powerful downward slash directly ahead
Cleaving-Swap B l2 +B tB t — (Change Weapon)B t Bx lt +Bx yBx y — (Change Weapon)Bx y PC Q key + PC lclick PC lclick — (Change Weapon)PC lclick Two cleaving hits followed by a alternative delay combo
Raze B l2 +B t (Hold and Release) Bx lt +Bx y (Hold and Release) PC Q key + PC lclick (Hold and Release) Raise Dante and surrounding enemies in a sweeping, sky bound, hurricane. Can be Just charged.

Level 2: Wider range on launch

Prop B l2 +B c (Hold) Bx lt +Bx b (Hold) PC Q key + PC F key (Hold) Spin the scythe like a propeller, juggling enemies on its blade
Shredder After PropB l2 +B c (Hold) After PropBx lt +Bx b (Hold) PC Q key + PC F key (Hold) Continuation slicing and dicing enemies with this extension to Prop (HoldB c/Bx b/PC F key to extend the length of the move)

Leve 2: Can be maintained longer

Streak B l2 + Forward*, ForwardB t Bx lt + Forward, ForwardBx y PC Q key + Forward, Forward PC lclick A forward lunging attack that ends with a sweeping spin

Level 2: Increases lunge distance

Hanger B l2 +B tB tB t (Midair) Bx lt +Bx yBx yBx y (Midair) PC Q key + PC lclick PC lclick PC lclick(Midair) An aerial combo of wide, sweeping attacks. Capable of juggling multiple airborne enemies.
Double Up B l2 +B tB tB tB t (Midair) Bx lt +Bx yBx yBx yBx y (Midair) PC Q key + PC lclick PC lclickPC lclick PC lclick(Midair) Spins the scythe above Dante's head like rotor blades, lifting him, and surrounding enemies, higher into the air

Level 2: Increased height gain

Rake B l2 +B c (Midair) Bx lt +Bx b (Midair) PC Q key + PC F key (Midair) Hook enemies below Dante and yank them into the air.

Level 2: Wider range on hook

Feed Passive Passive Passive Osiris becomes powered with devil energy when striking enemies continuously. Once fully charged, it grants bonus damage with all attacks.
Level 2: Increased damage bonus when charged

Level 3: Maximum damage bonus when charged



"Osiris" is the name of the Egyptian god of the afterlife. He is often associated with both death and rebirth. His most famous event was when his jealous brother Set murdered Osiris over the throne and cut his body to pieces to ensure he would never return. Fortunately, he was reconstructed by his wife Isis and became the new god of the underworld.

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