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Overture is one of the Devil Breakers in Devil May Cry 5. It was forged from a Blitz. After Nero's battle with it, Nico asked him to take its corpse so she could research how it produces electricity and then use that as a reference to build the Overture.[1]


Overture is a mechanical hand with the primary colors being silver, blue and gold. The only part of the weapon that changes between stowed and firing form is the hand, the wrist splitting apart and the fingers extending so that it can deliver its powerful electrical blasts.


Devil May Cry 5 promo site, Character - Nero[2]

The first Devil Breaker built by Nico. A comparably orthodox weapon compared to other arms, damaging enemies with electric bursts. Its name is derived from this straightforward functionality. The first Devil Breaker available in the game, this arm is easy for starting players to use.


Nico's Weapon Report - Overture

The first arm I made for your sorry ass after you lost your old one.

It's got a plain-Jane design you can wear just about anywhere without drawing too many glances. Still, if they knew about the electric generator I jammed inside that puppy, they'd be shocked—maybe literally! Still, should be more than enough to take out any scrub demons you come across.

Like the name implies, the Overture is just the prelude to the other beauties I've got knocking around the ol' brain box. Best believe this ain't all I got in store!

右腕を失ったお前のためにこの私が 作ってやった、記念すべき第1号の 作品だ。

日常生活にも使えるようデザインは 極めて 凡庸 (ぼんよう) な物に 留 (とど) めたが、内部に 電撃発生機構を組み込んでみた。弱い悪魔が相手なら、この程度でも 十分に戦えるだろう。

オーバーチュアという名前は、この 作品がこれから先の序曲に過ぎない という意味を込めて名付けた。私の才能はこんな物ではないという 事さ。分かってるだろうがな。


Nero using Overture

Nero using Overture's Battery move.

The Overture is the starting Devil Breaker which Nero is equipped with in Mission 01: Nero. Without DLC, it is the only Devil Breaker that will spawn in this mission, and thereafter will have a random chance of appearing in any non-DLC Devil Breaker spawn location. New Overtures can be purchased in the store for DMC5 Red Orb500.

Overture's basic move is a powerful "palm blast" shaped like a giant open hand, directed straight in front of Nero. This attack is fairly wide in effect and can hit multiple enemies. Nero's animation will automatically change to target enemies if they are above or below him when the move is triggered, and the move deals increased damage if it is used against an enemy with a wall behind them. If Nero is on the ground and uses the move against a downed enemy, he will do the move against the enemy by aiming it towards the ground, performing a different animation. By default, it punches forward. It is a fairly simple, no-nonsense way of dealing extra damage and knocking enemies back. It is more offense-focused than the other starting Devil Breaker, Gerbera, though it lacks the latter's movement options.

The Break Age move functions somewhat like Dante's Real Impact: Nero will load up a powerful swing, then punch forward a short distance. If the move contacts an enemy, the arm will detach and stick into them, becoming a time bomb that will deal heavy damage with an area of effect explosion against nearby enemies when it detonates. Nero can detonate the Devil Breaker early by shooting the enemy or hitting it with his sword. Up to three bombs can be set simultaneously.

Unlike the similar move of Punch Line, if Nero fails to hit an enemy with this attack, the Devil Breaker will not be destroyed: the move will simply fail.


Action Command (PS4) Command (PC) Command (XONE) Description
Battery Press Button ps4 circle Press Pc mclick1 With Overture equipped: Press Button xbone b Fire an electric burst from the palm of the Overture. The direction changes depending on the state of the enemy.
Exploder Press and hold Button ps4 circle until Overture sparks Press and hold Pc mclick1 until Overture sparks Press and hold Button xbone b, until Overture sparks Overload the energy inside Overture to turn it into a bomb. Shove it into an enemy and it explodes after a set amount of time. Multiple units can be placed at once. Follow up with a bullet or other attacks to detonate it manually.

Other Media Appearances[]

Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2[]

Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 - Nero using Overture

Nero using Overture & Voltage.

The Overture is one of Nero's weapons, it deals Magic damage to all enemies, then enters into a state of Concentrate, increasing the next Mag attack damage by 125%. Nero's animation when using the Overture is taken straight from Devil May Cry 5, as well as the grunts he shouts when using it.

Nero's Voltage skill also uses the Overture animation, this passive skill increases his own party's ATK and EV/AC by 20%, but it's only done after Nero enters a state of Concentrate.


The Overture is Nero's main Devil Breaker in the game. One of Nero's Hero Arts is called "Devil Breaker", where he is shown using the Overture. This Hero Art gives a friendly unit +3 Attack and <Spillover>, both buffs are effective for one attack.

Aside from Nero's Hero Art, the Overture appears in many cards, and has been featured in a lot of its expansions.


  • The Pasta Breaker uses the same Break Age move as the Overture.
  • The Overture is one of the Devil Breakers featured on Nero's Kotobukiya and Sentinel figures and his Prime1 Studio statue.
  • It's also featured on Nero's perfume that was sold as part of the Devil May Cry 5 collaboration with the Capcom Cafe.