Pachislot Devil May Cry 4 (パチスロ デビルメイクライ4, ''Pachislot Devil May Cry 4''?) is the second pachinko game of the Devil May Cry series. It was developed by Enterrise and released by Capcom in partnership with Fields on September 17, 2013.[1] It was sold 25,000 units.[2] Later it was ported onto Android and iOS devices by CommSeed Corporation.

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As the name suggests, the game takes Devil May Cry 4 as its base, re-using assets and locations featured in the game. The normal stages include Fortuna, Mitis Forest, Fortuna Castle (Snowy Mountain area) and the Order of the Sword H.Q., there are also two special stages which are "Inside Savior" (神の胎内, "Inside Savior"?) and Devil May Cry Office (デビルメイクライ事務所, Devil May Cry Office?).

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