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Paradise DmC

The Ruins of the Paradise mansion.

Paradise is a location in DmC: Devil May Cry. It was Sparda and Eva's mansion, where Dante and Vergil grew up.


DmC: Devil May Cry[]

Sparda and Eva peacefully raised their twin boys at Paradise, but eventually Mundus's hunters located the renegades. Mundus himself led an assault on the mansion, and although Sparda and the boys escaped while Eva held Mundus off, Mundus managed to murder Eva and devour her very heart.

When Kat finds Dante and brings him to Vergil, Vergil asks Dante to help him take down Mundus, but Dante declines as he sees no reason he should care. Vergil begs Dante to at least let him show his brother who he really is, and takes his brother to the ruins of Paradise. There, Kat opens a gate to Limbo, and Dante proceeds to explore the mansion, eventually regaining his memories of his family and their fates through several apparitions and mementos, as well as obtaining the supernatural weapons Ophion, Arbiter, and Osiris. Although Limbo attempts to trap him inside, he safely exits and returns to Vergil, agreeing to join in his crusade.