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This article is about the Sparda family heirloom. You may be looking for the Devil May Cry 2 accessory the Amulet.

The Perfect Amulet is an ornate amulet which serves as a key to the Temen-ni-gru's gate to the Demon World[1][2], and is also necessary to awaken the Force Edge. A large red gem is set into the amulet, and it can be split into two halves. It was given as a gift to Eva by Sparda[2], and she gave the halves to their twin sons[3], Dante and Vergil, on their eighth birthday.[4] Their names are engraved on the back of each half.[5]



After Sparda's rebellion, Sparda used the amulet along with his own blood and that of a human priestess to seal off the two worlds.[6] Centuries later, Sparda encounters Eva, who he then gives the amulet to. After his death, Eva gives the two halves of the amulet to Vergil and Dante, her twin sons with Sparda, as their eighth birthday present.

Devil May Cry 3 (manga)[]

DMC3 Dante Got to clean up the mess father left behind.

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Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening[]

Vergil comes after Dante for his half of the amulet, in order to attain their father's power and unseal the Temen-ni-gru's gate to the Demon World.[7] Eventually, Vergil takes hold of Dante's half of the amulet after a battle atop the Temen-ni-gru.[8] Once in the basement, Vergil combines the amulets to form the Perfect Amulet and drops them into a mechanism that activates the tower. After a betrayal by Arkham, the tower activates and moves the basement up through the tower to the roof. Arkham then takes the Amulets through the portal and uses the Perfect Amulet to activate Force Edge's latent power. Dante and Vergil defeat Arkham, sending him back to the Human World. In a climactic battle, Dante and Vergil each retrieve their halves, and Dante returns to the Human World, while Vergil stays behind.

Devil May Cry[]

Years later, on Mallet Island, Dante still wears his half around his neck and Vergil, now Nelo Angelo, retains his half, although it is hidden from view. After the first battle with Dante, Nelo sees Dante's half, and begins to react in pain at the sight of it. This is most likely Vergil's memories surfacing, affecting Mundus's control over him.[9] In the final battle between the two brothers, Dante defeats Vergil, taking his half to enter the Demon World and finish off Mundus.


Proud Soul (sideways)

The Proud Soul resembles a shattered Perfect Amulet.

  • In Devil May Cry, both halves of the Perfect Amulet are wrought in silver, while in Devil May Cry 3, only Dante's half is wrought in silver while Vergil's is wrought in gold.
  • The Proud Soul which serves as a currency in Devil May Cry 4 resembles a shattered Perfect Amulet.
  • In the Viewtiful Joe games, Trish wears the Perfect Amulet as part of her choker.


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