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Perfect Evade is one of the techniques in the Devil May Cry Series, which is achieved by dodging any enemy attack right before it hits the player.


Successful Dodge grants the player Devil Trigger gauge fill and Stylish Gauge increase.

Perfect evade can be made with following moves:


Regular jump contains invincibility frames, which is enough to dodge an attack in a dangerous moment, this also works with air hike, (while using Beowulf and balrog's flush, it will often cancel the attackers move.)

Side Roll[]

Side roll is the main method of dodging an incoming attack. It is taught in game tutorials. It gives great mobility to a player, quickly moving sideways.

Dash (Trickster Style)[]

Dante's first Trickster skill works similar to Side Roll but proves greater convenience, as it only requires one button to be used. Also, it can be used in all directions (forward, sideways and backward), this also includes air trick and ground trick, in Sin Devil Trigger Dante can perform shift which is similar to trick dodge and side dash and follows it's rules same as advent and vergil's air trick

Table Hopper []

Nero can use Table Hopper is aimed to make Perfect Evades (meets the same conditions), What's more, it can be used multiple times if upgraded.

V (Shadow)[]

V's side dash with shadow is very similar to vergil although less ranged, it will summon shadow to V and cancel any action shadow was doing.

Trick Actions[]

Vergil can use his Trick Actions to achieve Perfect Evades, it is relatively easier much like Dante's Trick Dash, this will increase the Concentration Gauge Heavily, these effects also apply to vergil's side dash when attacking, in Sin Devil Trigger side dash Replaces his side roll.

Certain actions[]

Nero's shuffle and Dante's Flint Wheel and Welter Move can cause perfect evades, Nero's shuffle can be exceeded giving more hits at the end of you're dash back, Dante's Shotgun Stinger's follow ups in Devil May Cry 5 with Gunslinger, can cause perfect evades.

DMC 5 Actions that can cause Perfect Evades:

  1. Nero: Table Hopper
  2. Nero: Flop Top (same conditions as jump)
  3. Nero: Shuffle (Red Queen)
  4. Nero: Break Away (All Devil Breakers)
  5. Nero: Jocky (Gerbera)
  6. Nero: Sweet Release (Sweet Surrender DLC, Same conditions as break away)
  7. Nero: Mega Buster Side Dash (Mega Buster DLC)
  8. Nero: Devil Trigger (Activation)
  9. Nero: Perfect Buster (timed buster vs Vergil, Artemis, Goliath?, King Cerberce?)
  10. Dante & Nero: Air Hike (same conditions as jump)
  11. Dante: Glider (startup) (DT)
  12. Dante: Flint Wheel (Swordmaster) (Balrog)
  13. Dante: Welter Move (Balrog)
  14. Dante: All Cut-In Moves (Gunslinger) (Coyote-A)
  15. Dante: Dash (Trickster)
  16. Dante: Sky Star (Trickster)
  17. Dante: Mustang (Trickster)
  18. Dante: Mustang Air (Trickster)
  19. Dante: Air Trick (Trickster)
  20. Dante: Ground Trick (Trickster)
  21. Dante: Royal Release (Royalgaurd)
  22. Dante: Release (Royalgaurd)
  23. Dante: Shift (SDT)
  24. Dante: Advent (SDT)
  25. Dante: SDT Transformation (SDT, NON SSS)
  26. V: Forced Move (Shadow)
  27. V: Switchback (Griffon)
  28. V: Hanging (Griffon)
  29. V: Gambit (Cane)
  30. V: Checkmate (Cane)
  31. V: Royal Fork (Cane)
  32. V: Devil Trigger (Nightmare) (Activation)
  33. V: Promotion (Nightmare)
  34. V: Illegal Move (Nightmare)
  35. Vergil: Trick Up (Trick Action, Dark slayer)
  36. Vergil: Air Trick (Trick Action, Dark slayer)
  37. Vergil: Trick Dodge (Trick Action,)
  38. Vergil: Trick Down (Trick Action, Dark slayer)
  39. Vergil: Doppelganger (Doppelganger) (Activation)
  40. ALL CHARACTERS: Kick Jump (same conditions as jump)
  41. ALL CHARACTERS: Enemy Step (same conditions as jump)
  43. ALL CHARACTERS: Side Roll


  • in Devil May Cry 5 if a side dash (trick dodge, nero and dante side dash, shuffle and included) is perfected, it will briefly slow down time.
    • when fighting Vergil or Dante (and some boss fights) in Devil May Cry 5 Perfect Evades causes slow motion as well, this probably give the player more awareness when fighting a fast character.
  • Nero and Dante have a side dash when attacking that goes a bit further then a normal side roll.
  • the visual effects for Dante, Vergil and Nero's dashes are similar but Dante has reddish black lines, Vergil and Nero have blueish black lines, but V has completely black lines, probably due to Shadow.
    • while playing in the Sparda Costumes for Dante and Vergil (DMC 1, 3, 4,) all of said effects turn to purple.
  • V's side roll without Shadow is the most unusable evade, so much so that it's way more useful to jump more than to perform it.
  • when you perform any type of evade but shift, you will go bit forward, this is more noticeable when spamming Vergil's side dash in Sin Devil Trigger.
  • Nero can shoot Blue Rose and Summon Swords during a side roll (this also includes Vergil.)
  • although pointless while Doppelganger is out (Vergil DMC5, Dante Doppelganger DMC3 and Vergil M19 ) he will perform side rolls and side dashes with you, but interestingly he can't do trick actions but Air trick.
  • the same effects for Table Hopper can be seen in Shuffle, and also behaves as a evade being capable of making a slow motion effect just like certain evades.
    • although Dante's Flint Wheel behavior is basically the same, it can not cause a slow motion effect.
  • Dante's Royalgaurd Style might follow the same conditions and reward as perfect evade, but it's not one, interestingly, Royal Release however does
  • Dante's Sin Devil Trigger activate animation can cause a perfect evade at the very start, although it is extremely difficult to.
    • it is unknown if this can happen with Vergil or SSS version, due to the difficult timing.