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This article is about the character in Devil May Cry 5: Visions of V. You may be looking for the one in Devil May Cry.

I would... Rather die before I serve a weakling!
—Phantom before being killed, Devil May Cry 5: Visions of V

Phantom is one Vergil's four Nightmares created when he split himself into V and Urizen. Unlike the other three, Phantom refused to make a contract with V.


The Phantom familiar is mostly identical to his original self's design, retaining the massive, arachnid body, scorpion-esque tail, and strong rocky exterior with glowing lines of magma and heat radiating off of his body.


Devil May Cry 5: Visions of V[]

In the prologue chapter of Visions of V, Phantom is seen as part of a quick flashback, looming over V and Griffon while clinging to the top of a building.

In the first chapter at the beginning of the series, one of the Phantom's long spider like limbs is first seen emerging from Vergil's body after he has impaled himself with the Yamato and begins cutting away the lingering emotions and thoughts as Nelo Angelo, one of the things he feels is holding him back from gaining the strength finally needed to overcome his younger brother, Dante.

Sometime later, V and Griffon find Phantom about to feast on a weakened Shadow and attempt to make a contract with him, but the arrogant and proud Phantom rejects being dependent on a weak human and tries to attack V, ranting about demons having greater hierarchy than humans, but when he attempts to attack what he thinks is V, it turns out to be Shadow in disguise, who quickly responds by skewering Phantom, destroying his body and exposing his core. Phantom bemoans the shame of losing to a human as V uses his cane to destroy his core, killing the nightmare.