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Darksoul I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with liiiiiiiiiiight!
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"You were right. You are not just like your father. I see your mother in you too. You want to hit Mundus hard. This is how. Mundus has power almost beyond limit. But... he has one weakness. <...> Yes. His mistress, Lilith. <...> Mundus? Love? No, my friend. Yet, she has recently become the most important thing in creation to him. This is what I have seen. Lilith, his mistress, carries his child. His heir. You want to hurt Mundus? Kill Lilith. Kill the child. Nothing will hurt him more. But be warned, the fury of Mundus is boundless. Many thousands could perish. Good hunting, My master"
―Phineas to Dante[src]