Plasmas are shapeshifting electrical elemental lesser demons in Devil May Cry. Their ability to copy the actions of Dante and to multiply make them particularly troublesome to fight.


The Plasma is an evil spirit that manifests through electricity, usually in the form of a giant, one-eyed bat.[1] It also has the ability to transform into the shape of its opponent, allowing it to copy their behaviors and actions,[2] and it can separate into two new bodies, each fully recovered, though this usually happens only when it is attacked with a sword. The only sure way to prevent this multiplication is to eliminate all Plasmas present nearly simultaneously.[3] Because of its energy-based nature, it is unaffected by the Nightmare-β and Alastor only inflicts minimal damage against it.[4][5]

While in bat form, it is able to fire a blade of electricity that travels quite fast, though it telegraphs this attack by charging its body with light, first.[6] It is also able to fire a beam of charged electricity that sweeps horizontally across the room, but this is slow enough to spot and avoid by jumping.[7]


Plasmas are immune to the Nightmare-β, and Alastor does little damage, so it is best to avoid using these weapons. A Plasma's resistance to Alastor is not on the same level as a Frost's, however.

Ifrit is the best weapon to use against Plasmas, and one performance of Inferno will usually destroy all nearby Plasmas. While it is in bat form, you need to be ready to dodge the electric blades and beams. However, while it is in human form it will only use punches, sword slashes, and an electric version of Inferno, which does not rise above the ground, so jumping can help you evade it. It is quite easy to just keep on hitting them with the Ifrit to defeat them. There is also a way to get more red orbs, similar to the "phantom red orb trick." You hit the plasmas a few times just enough to cause it to split, then let them follow you, and then activate devil trigger to use Inferno with Ifrit. This should raise your Style ranking decently and grant you more orbs.


Plasma packs a variety of moves. Such include alternating between a bat forme and a clone forme, both which pose an equal threat.

Bat Form

  • Enegry Blade - Plasma rushes at Dante, slashing with a power wing.
  • Laser Beam - the bat focuses its ionized particles to form up an incenirating ray, firing it at will.

Clone Form

  • Sword Combo - getting to know the opposing enemy, it utilizes basic sword attacks against the attacked.
  • Punching attacks - a simple method of offence, quick but short ranged.
  • Plasma Field - retaining the property of Ifrit attack - Inferno, it summons a wall of shock blasts around. 


Plasma in physics and chemistry is a state of matter similar to gas in which a portion of the particles are ionized. This ionization gives plasma its unique properties, such as filamentation (a la splitting), and causes it to display extremely complex behavior not easily described by mathematical equations.

Other AppearancesEdit

Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble (PSP)Edit

VJRHR Dante Plasma

Plasma is an alternate costume for Dante.


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