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I will grant you a wish.

Plesio is a demonic mask who purports to grant wishes, but in actuality only commits murders to frame its victims.


Plesio's true form is a demonic ochre mask that passingly resembles the face portion of a pharaoh's death mask, including a postiche, but has three eyes sewn shut with thread. The two normal eyes resemble glowing green jewels, while the third eye is red. When active, the mask usually grows a "body" in the shape of a shrouded, scrawny, humpbacked figure, made out of a violently red, intensely corrosive acid. This ichorous facade is fluid and thus invulnerable to attack.

When a victim happens upon the mask, Plesio offers to grant them any wish they desire.[1] However, it will reject any wish made, first by responding "No way," and opening its right eye, then "No. I'm not interested," and opening its left eye, then finally "No. It wouldn't benefit you," and opening its third eye.[2] Afterward, Plesio will vanish, but will surreptitiously haunt the victim until they facetiously wish for a friend's death out of annoyance,[3][4] at which point it will suddenly appear and state "I shall grant your wish," murder their friend with a shower of acid and state "Your wish has been granted," and then vanish to leave the victim framed as a murderer.

Plesio normally acts malevolent and patronizing to its victims, pretending to be just following their orders so that they will feel guilt for its murders, and acts unimpressed in the face of most attacks due to its invulnerable body. However, when overpowered it quickly becomes undignified and cowardly, and even then, it is quick to cockily reverse course when it thinks it can betray its captor, mocking them for being "tricked".


Devil May Cry: The Animated Series[]

Kerry Márquez happened upon Plesio's mask when he caught a fish the demon was in the middle of eating. Kerry fled despite the demon's offers, but it pursued him and he relented. His wishes for wealth, power, and women were all denied, so the bewildered Kerry just left. However, Plesio secretly followed Kerry to his favorite pub, where Kerry was once again losing a game of darts to his best friend Claude. When Claude refused to keep playing and Kerry indignantly wished him to drop dead, Plesio suddenly appeared and murdered Claude, leaving behind a stunned Kerry. The barkeep heard the screams and found Kerry with the corpse, blaming himself for his friend's death. Despite the killing appearing obviously supernatural and Kerry explaining it as such,[5][6] the police took Kerry's guilt-wracked mutterings as a confession and imprisoned him for murder in the high-security wing of Devil's Prison.

Hired by Kerry's sister Lynn to investigate, Dante travels to the pub and learns the public portion of the story from the barkeep. Dante then gets himself sent to the high-security wing, where he learns about Plesio's involvement from Kerry.

At the same time, Lady arrives at the river where Kerry was fishing and happens upon Plesio, who plays the same charade with her. She fires a rocket at it after it rejects her wishes for eternal youth, gems, and a nice dress, but it escapes unharmed and begins to haunt her.

Dante and Kerry return to the pub with Lady after escaping Devil's Prison. In order to draw out Plesio, Dante and Lady play a game of Poker where Dante cheats and Lady facetiously wishes for his death. Plesio appears in the hopes of fresh prey, but Dante easily blocks its acid with a chair and then pursues the demon, cornering it in an alleyway with his guns to its head. The demon begs for its life, but Dante mockingly repeats its own rejections. However, when Sid distracts Dante just before the last line by calling out for Dante to slay the demon, Plesio bolts and attempts to turn the tables by swallowing Dante whole. Unphased, Dante simply splits Plesio and his mask open from the inside with his sword. Regrettably, Sid seizes the remains of the mask and flees before Dante can stop him, nuzzling it once he gets away.

Outside, Patty tackles Dante and demands ten ice cream cones. When Dante offers her alternatives, she playfully repeats Plesio's rejections in response. Wishes Come True

Much later, Sid finishes acquiring the ingredients needed to reveal and acquire Abigail's legacy, one of which is Plesio's mask, and begins the ritual. Showtime!

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