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Don't misunderstand me. Putting an end to you three do-gooders will be easy. Just thought I'd like to avoid the hassle of doing so.

It is an unnamed demon which took the form of a priest to bring demons to the city without being discovered. He is simply referred to as Priest in the end credits.


During his stay in the city he hired Lady's protection services to kill the demon that was causing murders in the city, to which he accused Trish so that he killed her and the suspicions towards him diminished.

Meanwhile Trish had been hired to investigate the apparitions of demons since a mysterious priest had arrived in the city. The suspicions to him increased once Lady mentioned to have been contracted to protect it, reason why without any other remedy she decided to reveal her true demonic form.

After a short talk threatening decided to attack Trish, Lady and Dante which without any problem elminated after a couple of attacks.


His attitude seems to be that of a man somewhat worried, scared and nervous most of the time, mostly because of the dangers of having Lady hanging around the city looking for him. However, he has proved to be someone cunning and somewhat manipulative since he could put Lady against Trish so that they could kill each other, proving to be similar to other demons that seek to take advantage of humans to achieve their own goals.


His human appearance is similar to that of an elderly man with gray hair, mustache and beard. Have eyes of black color and complexion of white color.

He spots an open black daisy with red embroidery and a pair of red lines on both shoulders, in addition to having a red cross in the chest area. He wears a formal white undershirt with a dark gray tie.

Once he takes his true form, his complexion turns white, as does most of its body. His fingers simulate being claws and he obtains a considerable body musculature. His eyes turn red and his voice somewhat deepens. After transforming, he acquires a mane, beard and mustache much more elongated and of white color, as well as some curved horns and huge white wings on his back, resembling an angel.

For his dress, he only wears an elongated toga of light blue.

Powers and abilities[]

After his short appearance you can not see many skills on your part, but you can know that he has the ability to take a very accurate human form. In addition to that in its demonic form when acquiring a major musculature and a pair of claws it is seen attacking them directly with their enemies.

Although he was never really seen flying, presumably he has such ability to have wings on his back.