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Prologue-Scene 07 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 5.


As the one-armed Nero loses against the demon king, Dante finally gets up and is ready for "round two", transforms into his Devil Trigger form and orders V to get Nero out of the Qliphoth, calling him "dead weight" in the process.

After V forces Nero to get out of the arena, he then reveals the name of the demon: Urizen. While this is happening, the Rebellion is broken by the demon king, with Urizen reflected on Dante's eye at the end.


Griffon: This is it, this is the end! It's all over!

Dante: Round two!

V, get Nero out of here! This was a bad move!

Nero: I can still fight!

Dante: Nero, go! You're just dead weight.

Nero: Back off!

V: Come on!

Nero: Let go!

V: We must leave here. He is far stronger than we ever could have imagined.

Nero: That bastard called me dead weight! I didn't come all this way for nothing!

V: Stop hitting yourself, and think of ways to get stronger and actually help. If Dante are all that can defeat Urizen.

Nero: Is that what you call him?

V: Yes. Urizen, the demon king... That's the name of the demon that took your arm.

Griffon: もうダメだ! オシマイだ!

Dante: ラウンド2だ

V(ブイ)! ネロを連れて行け!

Nero: 俺はまだ やれる!

Dante: 足手まといだ!

Nero: どけ!

V: 行くんだ!

Nero: 離せ!

V: 予想以上の力だ! 退くぞ!

Nero: “足手まとい”だと!? 舐めやがって!

V: 悔しいなら 力(ちから)を付けてみろ

“ユリゼン”を倒すだけの 力(ちから)を

Nero: ヤツの名か

V:そうだ 魔王ユリゼン―― それが お前の腕を奪った悪魔だ

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  • Dante's right eye at the end of this scene is opened and the reflection of Urizen is seen on it, while on Mission 09-Scene 07, his left eye is opened and the reflection of V is seen on it.