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Prologue -Vergil- 2 is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition. It plays at the start of Mission 01, after Prologue -Vergil- 1.


Arriving at Temen-ni-gru, Arkham reminds Vergil to go to the Lair of Judgement to activate the tower's ascension. He states he will visit someone's place in order to get the item needed. Vergil is left alone to battle some Abyss by himself, which he does so swiftly.


Arkham: The activation method is as I described before. It should be a simple matter for you.

I will go to his place.

I believe that I know where the item we seek is located. You should dispose of any obstacles quickly.

Vergil: It begins...

Arkham: 起動方法は先に伝えた通りだ 君には造作もなかろう


例の物の確認もしておきたいしな 邪魔が入るようなら始末してくれ

Vergil: ——始まりだ

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  • This, as well as another Special Edition prologue cutscene, is directed by Reuben Langdon (credited under his middle name Christopher).