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The Puia is a lesser demon encountered in Devil May Cry 2. They first appear to attack Lucia as she retrieves the Arcana Medaglia from a museum, but are quickly slain by Dante.


Puia are harpy-like demons which fly around, occasionally diving at their target or shooting their feathers at it like arrows.[1] They often attack in groups, and are able to become invisible while roosting.


Because Puia fly around quickly, and are often too high to reach by jumping, the simplest way to slay them is to just shoot them out of the air. They can be hit with melee attacks when they stop to hover, or if the Aerial Heart is used to meet them in the air.

Appearances in Other Media[]


Puia in TEPPEN.


The Puia was first added to TEPPEN via its "The Force Seekers" expansion. It's featured in one purple unit card.


The Harpy (from the Greek "Ἅρπυια", lit. "Snatcher") is a hideous death spirit with a bird's body and a woman's head and chest. They were sent by Zeus to punish the prophetic king Phineas by stealing his food and befouling the remains whenever he tried to eat, just as the Puia attacked Lucia just as she tried to take the Medaglia.



  1. Devil May Cry 2, Enemy File — Puia: "They dive from above with lightning speed to assault the target. Sometimes they shoot their feathers at enemies like arrows."