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Pyrobats are lesser demons that appear in Devil May Cry 5. They are first introduced in Mission 03: Flying Hunter.


Pyrobats greatly resembles the Human World's bats albeit with more monstrous appearance in their physiology. They have large wings and long tail ends with scorpion pincher-like barbs and glands that can generate fiery blasts within their biological systems. On their own, individual Pyrobats pose not much threat, and thus making up such shortcomings with numbers.



Nico's Enemy Report - Pyrobat

Ever heard the phrase "like a bat outta Hell?" Well, this is it.
These leathery lil' pests have got some kinda combustion chamber built into their biology. Meaning? Well, they breathe fire.
On their own, these critters ain't gonna burn your ass up too bad. Just watch your back when a whole swarm tries to crash the party.


Appearances in Other Media[]


The Pyrobat first appeared in TEPPEN with its "The Devils Awaken" expansion. It is featured in one unit card which has the Flight ability.


  • Memorial photo caption – “Pain. In. The. Ass.”


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