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The Rage is a type of lesser demon in DmC: Devil May Cry.

Appearance and Description[]

Rages take an appearance of a man-sized, pale porcupine(with features of a rat, ie: long tail) that have sharp, talon-like claws and are blanked out eyes.

They are feral demons that hunts in packs. Mature Rages usually travel in pairs, while Rage Spawns gather in much larger swarms.

Rages also have two variations: the Blood Rage and Ghost Rage. Blood Rages transform into a red mist when Dante is not in Demon Mode, while Ghost Rages transform into a blue mist when he is not in Angel Mode.


Although Dante chases a Rage Spawn throughout the Central Penitentiary, they do not appear in force until he returns to The Order's headquarters. Afterwards, they also appear at Devil's Dalliance. Dante chases the rage spawn telling it to “get lost”. After the spawn retreats, a larger Rage appears climbing upside down and stalking Dante before jumping down to the ground getting ready to attack him. DmC: Devil May Cry


To prevent Rage Spawns from ganging up on Dante, crowd-control weapons like the Revenant, Osiris, or Aquila should be used to keep them staggered.

Larger Rages fight by swiping with their claws, leaping at Dante while spinning like a dervish, and summoning miniature Demonic Shards.

Rages are especially resistant to being staggered, so the best way to lay into them with powerful combos is to first launch them into the air. They are also unable to recover if knocked into pits, so environmental kills can be used for a quick assassination. Rages often come in pairs, and when the first is slain, the second will go berserk, so it is usually safer to damage both Rages evenly so that they can be slain together. When dealing with a Ghost Rage partnered with another Rage, it is useful to trap the Ghost Rage with Aquila's Round Trip before eliminating the other, harder-to-immobilize Rage. Especially on higher difficulties, a Ghost Rage is sometimes paired with a Blood Rage, forcing Dante to isolate each demon and pay attention to which weapon he uses.  The best strategy to use however, is to simply launch one into the air, then use aquila's round trip, make sure that they are facing away from a hazard when this is done. shortly after the aquila deals a certain number of strikes the rage will jump back some distance away, right into the hazard, usually a pit.