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Real Impact is a powerful uppercut similar to Rising Dragon. It is usually the strongest single-hit, melee attack in its game. To balance out its high damage output, it has a long startup animation.

Devil May Cry 3[]

In the third installment, Real Impact is a level three Beowulf Swordmaster Style move. Dante pulls his arm back preparing for an uppercut. If the attack hits nothing, Dante holds his pose for a moment, leaving a massive opening. If he hits an enemy, Dante will momentarily hold the pose before taking off into the air with the enemy, during which the enemy will take a second hit. Any enemies nearby will be pulled into the air as well but they don't take damage from the second hit. Should the enemy survive Real Impact, it can be followed up with the Crazy Combo "Tornado."

Devil May Cry 4[]

Real Impact returns as Gilgamesh's level three Swordmaster Style move. The attack animation is exactly the same as Beowulf, the only difference being that a large spike comes out of Gilgamesh once released. Its delay between hits makes it easy to be used in cunjunction with Distortion.

Devil May Cry 5[]

Real Impact returns as Balrog's level four Swordmaster Style move. The attack animation remains the same as it's previous appearances. However unlike the previous games Dante must be in the Ignition state in order to perform the move.