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This article is about the sword in the classic series. You may be looking for the sword in the reboot.

Rebellion is Dante's trademark sword appearing throughout the series. Though it has the form of a standard claymore,[2] it is a magical blade given to him as a keepsake from his father, Sparda, and it serves as a physical manifestation of his power.[3] The blade's power originally laid dormant,[4] but through contact with Dante's blood, it was awakened.[5] Its name, means "resistance."[6]


Rebellion is a massive claymore with a heavy double-edged blade, notched on both sides near the tip. In its dormant form, the pommel is a single spike, but after awakening it splits open into several. The grip is plain, but the guard is skeletal, with a skull-design on each side leading to the rib cage from which the blade emerges; on one side of the blade, the skull is that of a human, while the other uses a horned demon's skull. Initially, the crossguard is folded in against the ribs, but it extends and the skull transform to a screaming skull once the sword is awakened by Dante's blood.


The Rebellion is a remarkably powerful magical sword. It is sharp enough to impale the surface of the Savior's body while it is powered by the sword of Sparda. It is also one of the most durable objects in the series, capable of withstanding hits from the space-cutting blade Yamato, as well as a direct punch from the Savior.

Rebellion is awakened by Dante's blood, however, Dante's own latent power must be active for the blood to have an effect. In the manga, Dante's latent demonic powers became temporarily active and his blood transformed Rebellion, but when Dante's powers became dormant again, Rebellion became dormant as well.


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Rebelion's awakening.

Rebellion once belonged to Dante's father, Sparda, and was given to Dante as a keepsake according to the description from Devil May Cry 2 and Devil May Cry 3. He uses it as his primary weapon while exploring the Temen-ni-gru, but after his first battle with his brother Vergil, Dante is impaled with the blade, with his blood inadvertently awakening the blade along with his demonic powers, and granting him access to Devil Trigger. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening Dante continues to use the sword until he recovers his father's personal blade, the Force Edge. He goes back to using the Rebellion after giving the Force Edge to Trish. However it's not seen in the first. Devil May Cry When on a mission, Dante just carries the sword on his back, but while among humans, he carries it in a guitar case to avoid unwanted attention. Devil May Cry: The Animated Series


In Devil May Cry 2, Rebellion is the default sword in Dante's arsenal and it functions like the other melee weapons in terms of physical potential, excluding the Sparda (Devil Arm) which is no longer used by him. Also, Dante has his Devil Trigger and thus, attack power is amplified but not as much. However only in the demonic form can the player utilize the abilities of the Amulet's and when airborne, Dante can throw his sword like a boomerang at enemies.

In Devil May Cry 3, the Rebellion has been evolved to allow additional abilities, he has access to his full Combo moves which include various slashes. He can apply some of his power to "Drive", which he spends time channeling red energy into the sword to throw out a tremor-like shockwave that will go after all enemies and may trip them. In his new Swordmaster Style, Dante can has more attack styles, he can execute Aerial Rave which is where Dante jumps and attacks with his swords many times until he drops, he can utilize Sword Pierce to throw Rebellion at an enemy or wall, until the player chooses to call back the sword that performs a manner similar to the Round Trip (which has demonstrated hits when demons aren't aware of the sword lodged in the wall behind them) and Dante can use the time to attack with his bare hands & feet or with other enemies until then. Dante can also execute Prop Shredder to swirl his sword like a buzzsaw that can throw up enemies and cut them in the center. Lastly, Dante can perform "Dance Macabre", where he performs all his combo moves and million stab until he then spins rapidly on his sword like a dancing pole before finishing off the attack with a large sweep.

In the Devil Trigger form, Dante performs faster moves and cannot be interrupted unless it's a large foe. He can however, utilize his folded coat wings to naturally glide and when he utilizes Air Hike near a wall to leap off of, he can descend faster and go longer in distance.

In Devil May Cry 4, the Rebellion has been given longer durations of the "combo" moves and from skill, Dante had faster speeds and could thus execute his "Drives" with a "Quick" manner, these moves now utilize pure energy merged with the slash and extended with the "Overdrive". Dante has the ability to increase the length of his attacks and power with his Devil Trigger, which gives additional power to his moves, such as Stinger. His Round Trip returned, but could be used much easier like the sword that replaced Rebellion; Sparda and he could command it just like the previous Sword Pierce. In "Dance Macabre", Dante would do the same attacks to start it off, but now the difference is that instead of swinging on his sword like a dancing pole, Dante kicks up his foes into the air and swing them away with an energy-empowered baseball bat swing.

Action Command Description
High Time B r1+B d+B t Slash an enemy up into the air.
Stinger B r1+B u+B t Powerful thrust unleashed after stepping forward.
3-hit Combo Direction+B t,B t,B t Dante slashes twice, follow by a sweeping slash that hits all enemies around him.
4-hit Combo B t,B t,B t,B t Dante slashes forward four times.
5-hit Combo B t,B t,B t,Direction+B t,B t Dante slashes forward three times, follow by a helm-breaker style slash and an upward slash, sending enemies flying.
6-hit Combo B t,B t,Direction+B t,B t,B t,B t Dante slashes forward five times, follow by a sweeping slash that hits all enemies around him. Also moves Dante forward significantly.
Helm Breaker B t (mid-air) Overhead slash down on top of an enemy below.
Aerial Combo B r1+B u+B t (mid-air) Kicks twice mid-air, followed by a helm-breaker.
DT Million Stab B t,B t,Direction+B t (Devil Trigger) Quickly stabs the enemy with blinding speed. The longer the last attack button is held, the longer it last. Drains DT gauge faster, but deals incredible damage.
Air Raid B r1 (mid-air, Devil Trigger) Become airborne and be capable of performing aerial attacks.
DT Aerial Round Trip B t (Air Raid) Spins the sword like a boomerang around Dante, damaging all enemies near Dante at his altitude.

Action Command Description
Rebellion Combo I B t,B t,B t A quick 3-hit combo.
Rebellion Combo II B t,—,B t,B t A 4-hit combo for crowd control. The second and third swings circle around the player in rapid succession, while the final swing deals greater damage in an arc to the right of the player.
Helm Breaker B t (mid-air) A powerful overhead swing from mid-air which returns the player to the ground. Drive can be charged during this move, given that there is enough air between the player and the target.
Stinger B r1+B u+B t A high speed lunge attack towards a targeted enemy, which knocks them back upon connecting. Level 2 does more damage and has even greater range. Note that there are no invincibility frames in the dash mechanic of Stinger.
High Time B r1+B d+B t Swing Rebellion upwards to fling enemies into the air. Hold down the attack button to launch the player into the air.
Million Stab Crazy Rebellion Combo II/Stinger[7] Rapidly stab enemies in front of the player with blinding speed. Combo is finished by a longer range thrust, which deals greater damage and knocks back stricken enemies.
Drive B t (hold and release) An attack with a slow start that sends a powerful shockwave towards distant enemies. The buildup of Drive can be held for longer to launch a stronger shockwave.
Air Hike B x (mid-air) By concentrating magical energy into the area under your feet, you are able to perform a double jump to reach higher, more strategic locations. This second jump contains invincibility frames.
Glide B r1+B x (mid-air, Devil Trigger, hold) After transforming into Demon form, you can spread out demon wings to glide to the ground.

Action Command Description
Prop Shredder B c (ground) Spin your sword vertically at high speeds to slice and dice the enemy to bits - the initial attack will fling the enemy upward while the second keeps them airborne.
Aerial Rave B c (mid-air) Perform a 4 hit sword strike combo in mid-air, ending in a powerful slash that sends enemies flying.
Sword Pierce B r1+B u+B c Hurl your sword at the enemy, resulting in the sword spinning around inside the enemy, applying constant damage, though it leaves Dante with only a kick for melee. Press the style button again to call your sword back.
Thrust Kick B t (Sword Pierce, ground) Kick while Rebellion is skewered in a foe.
Dance Macabre B r1+B d+B c,B c (rapid) After an initial dash towards a target, perform all of Rebellion's ground attacks and combos in a rapid, separate combo, ending with Million Stab. The initial dash does not contain any invincibility frames.
Crazy Dance Crazy Dance Macabre Plant your sword into the ground and spin around it, kicking all enemies in the immediate vicinity. Combo ends with a devastating slash which sends enemies flying.
Killer Bee (Sword Pierce), B t (mid-air) Perform a diving kick towards a targeted enemy.

Action Command Description
Rebellion Combo A PS3: B t,B t,B t
XBOX: Bx y,Bx y,Bx y
A quick 3-slash combo.
Rebellion Combo B PS3: B t,—,B t,B t
XBOX: Bx y,—,Bx y,Bx y
A 4-hit combo for crowd control. The second and third swings circle around the player in rapid succession. Combo ends with a complete Million Slash that cannot be canceled.
Helm Breaker PS3: B t (mid-air)
XBOX: Bx y (mid-air)
A devastating overhead attack powerful enough to shatter the sturdiest of armoured helms or demonic skulls.
High Time PS3: B r1+B d+B t
XBOX: Bx rb+Bx down+Bx y
A powerful attack that launches an enemy skyward. By holding down B t/Bx y, you will follow the enemy up into the air.
Stinger PS3: B r1+B u+B t
XBOX: Bx rb+Bx up+Bx y
A high speed lunge attack towards a targeted enemy, which knocks them back upon connecting. Level 2 has an increased damage output and even greater range.
Million Stab Hold Y while performing Stinger/Rebellion Combo B[7] A blinding whirlwind of stabs with enough momentum to blast an enemy away.
Round Trip PS3: B t (hold and release)
XBOX: Bx y (hold and release)
Hurl Rebellion at an enemy. The impaled blade will shred the enemy until called back by pressing B t.

Action Command Description
Prop PS3: B c
XBOX: Bx b
Spin Rebellion at propeller-like speeds. Initial attack will send the enemy skyward.
Shredder PS3: B c (Prop)
XBOX: Bx b (Prop)
After launching an enemy with Prop, slice and dice your foe with the rapidly spinning blade. Hold B c/Bx b to extend the duration of the attack.
Aerial Rave PS3: B c,B c,B c,B c (mid-air)
XBOX: Bx b,Bx b,Bx b,Bx b (mid-air)
A multiple sword strike combo that ends with an attack that sends enemies flying.
Drive PS3: B r1+B d+B c
XBOX: Bx rb+Bx down+Bx b
When initiating the attack, you will be vulnerable, though the attack itself is a very powerful shockwave strike that will hit faraway enemies as well. By pressing the style button straight after performing the first strike, you can follow it up with 2 more.
Quick Drive PS3: B c+B t
XBOX: Bx b+Bx y
A Drive attack born from a slash. While the speed at which it is unleashed is admirable, it does have a limiting effect on power.
Over Drive PS3: B c (Drive)
XBOX: Bx b (Drive)
Adds an additional two shockwaves to the Drive attack.
Dance Macabre PS3: B r1+B u+B c (rapid)
XBOX: Bx rb+Bx up+Bx b (rapid)
Unleash a streaming barrage of sword slashes that dance around their doomed targets with breakneck speed, finishing with a home run swing that deals a massive amount of damage.


  • In Devil May Cry: The Animated Series, Dante threw Rebellion at a possessed Elena Huston and it separated the demon from her. It is unknown whether this is a power of Rebellion or a technique of Dante's as this was the only time it was used.

Other Media AppearancesEdit

Shin Megami Tensei: NocturneEdit

Dante wields Rebellion. One of his special moves is also named "Rebellion", which deals a moderate amount of Almighty damage to a single target and cannot be dodged; the animation for this move is a five-hit combo using Rebellion.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two WorldsEdit

Dante wields his Rebellion and can perform many of his signature techniques, including High Time, Helm Breaker, Prop Shredder, Stinger, Million Stab, Aerial Rave, Drive, Air Hike, Dance Macabre and Crazy Dance. Dante can also perform a new Level 3 Hyper Combo, "Devil Must Die", in which he zips back and forth with Stingers and stabs the opponent with a final Stinger that propels the enemy backward into a magical trap of some sort that resembles those set by Trish.

Monster Hunter Frontier GEdit

Rebellion appears as an available weapon in Monster Hunter Frontier G.

Marvel vs. Capcom: InfiniteEdit

In this game, Rebellion functions the same as it did before, but now its power has access to a feature similar to the Super costume when in battle with Jedah. Because Rebellion was a cameo like its previous appearances, there are no new gameplay features due to it working the same.

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