Rebellion is Dante's main melee weapon in the DmC: Devil May Cry. It was given to Dante as a memento of his father, Sparda, so that he could protect himself from the demonic hordes that he battles. As Rebellion is connected to Dante's hybrid heritage, it also has the ability to shift into different weapons on the fly, allowing Dante to use multiple weapons.

Rebellion is linked to the glowing insignia on his back, which also flashes whenever the sword changes to another weapon.


Comic excerpt rebellion

Rebellion is a silver-colored (though bluish in concept art) longsword. The blade is long and double-edged, with the forward-facing edge curving outward to form the guard.  The handguard is is designed to resemble a vortex that reverses at the center of the handguard. The pommel carries a round piece that almost resembles a face. When it is used to attack, it leaves a white streak behind in its wake.

Dante receives the Rebellion while he was being tortured by demons in Hellfire Prison; hearing his father's voice reach out to him and gift him with the weapon in order to defend himself. However, in one of the concept arts Dante seemed to have obtained Rebellion at an earlier age. DmC: Devil May Cry: The Chronicles of Vergil


Rebellion (gameplay) DmC

The Rebellion is the most balanced of Dante's weapons, focusing on quick, powerful strikes to complement the specialized styles of his other tools.

In DmC, Rebellion functions similarly to the classic Rebellion, such as it being a starting weapon and is balanced in speed and damage. Rebellion has a few recurring moves, including Stinger and Drive. Stinger can be cancelled into Trillion Stabs, and Drive can be Just Charged for increased damage.


Action Command Description
PS3 Xbox 360 PC
Hacker B tB tB tB t Bx yBx yBx yBx y PC lclick PC lclick PC lclick PC lclick A quick succession of four slashes

Level 2: Increased damage

Death Coil B tB tB tB tB t Bx yBx yBx yBx yBx y PC lclick PC lclickPC lclick PC lclickPC lclick Damages enemies surrounding Dante, and clubs a final target with massive force

Level 2: Increased damage

Stinger Forward*, Forward +B t Forward, Forward +Bx y Forward, Forward + PC lclick Cover great distance with a high speed, lunging stab

Level 2: Increased lunge distance

Trillion Stabs MashB t after Stinger MashBx y after Stinger Mash PC lclick after Stinger A blinding flurry of lightning fast stabs

Level 2: More stabs possible

Drive B t (Hold and Release) Bx y (Hold and Release) PC lclick (Hold and Release) Release a powerful shockwave of devil energy toward distant foes. Charge the attack for more power. Can be Just charged.

Level 2: Increased damage

Overdrive B t after Drive Bx y after Drive PC lclick after Drive Add two additional shockwaves the Drive attack

Level 2: Increased damage

High Time B c Bx b PC F key A powerful upward strike that launches enemies skyward. HoldB c/Bx b/PC F key to follow the enemy into the air
Aerial Rave B tB tB tB t (Midair) Bx yBx yBx yBx y (Midair) PC lclick PC lclick PC lclick PC lclick (Midair) A multistrike combo that juggles airborne enemies

Level 2: Increased damage

Roulette B tB tB t  (Midair) Bx yBx yBx y (Midair) PC lclick PC lclickPC lclick (Midair) A deadly spin that lifts Dante, and his target, higher into the air

Level 2: Increased height gain

Helm Breaker B c (Midair) Bx b (Midair) PC F key (Midair) Devastating overhead strike that slams an enemy into the ground
Quick X B t,B t,—,(varies) Bx y,Bx y,—,(varies) PC lclick,PC lclick,—,(varies) Two quick slashes leading into another weapon's delay combo. Can be used with Osiris's Cleaver and Double Up, Arbiter's Trinity Smash, Aquila's Buy In and Aerial Buy In, and Eryx's Slam.


DmC Rebellion's Trillion Stabs level 2-3

DmC Rebellion's Trillion Stabs level 2-3

Trillion Stabs (level 2)

Other AppearencesEdit

Playstation All-Stars Battle RoyaleEdit

Dante can perform Hacker, Helm Breaker, High Time, and Roulette Spin with the Rebellion.


Rebellion's ability to change forms borrows inspiration from the Sword of Sparda.[citation needed]

Although Ninja Theory did not invent the Rebellion, which is a holdover from the classic series, they drew upon its symbolism as part of their larger concept. Just as the sword is named "Rebellion", the idea of rebellion against modern consumerism and oppression is the guiding ethos of Dante and the heart of the game, which focuses on "the need to rebel as a means to achieve freedom."[1][2]


  1. Reimagining Evil: Ninja Theory On DmC’s Cultural Satire, Dominic Matthews: "We made the concept of rebellion—also the name of Dante’s sword—the heart of DmC. Rebellion in its current form covers all these issues in modern day society. But more than that, we wanted to consider a different kind of evil in DmC, one that didn’t rely on the typical horned devil."
  2. Reimagining Evil: Ninja Theory On DmC’s Cultural Satire: "Matthews prefers to describe DmC as a game dealing with 'the universal theme' of 'the need to rebel as a means to achieve freedom.'"

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