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Red Eye, also known as The Highway Demon, was a demon in Enamel City that gained the attention of Lady, Dante, and the Highway Department by killing human motorcyclist racers and the Devils Nest Leader's brother. He was consequentially killed by Lady with the assistance of Dante.[1]


The demon normally takes the form of an ordinary motorcycle, in which emits a red light, courtesy to its name Red Eye.[1] In its true form, it is a gruesome demon with short arms, in which its arms vaguely resembles a sickle along with having 4 long, disfigured legs. The center of his body also acts as a saw, which was formally the seat of the motorcycle.[1]


Devil May Cry: The Animated Series[]

Lady and Dante chase Red Eye

Red Eye chased by Dante and Lady.

The demon, Red Eye, has been taking the lives of motorcyclist in Enamel City. So much so it concerned the Highway Department. The demon continue to take lives, eventually killing Michel. After killing the man, his brother then dedicated himself to finding Red Eye and avenge his death.[1] Meanwhile, the Highway Department contacts Lady to deal with the demon, in which she then enlists the aid of Dante.[1]

Red Eyes dies

Red Eye killed by Lady with assistance of Dante.

During a race between Vincent and Dante, Red Eye appears. He attempts to lure in Vincent by posing as his brother in an attempt to kill him. However, Dante corners the demon and stops him. He then attempts to kill Dante, but is killed by Lady as she uses the Kalina Ann on the demon, destroying him.[1]


Red Eye was noted to be a durable demon, in which the bullets from Lady's gun and even from Dante's Ebony & Ivory had no effect.[1] The monster also had the power of shapeshifting into a motorcycle and driving at incredible speeds.[1] Speeds that even exceeded a motorcyclist using nitrous.[1] It also had the ability to shapeshift into another person.[1] However, the demon was easily destroyed when Lady used the Kalina Ann. It also has the ability of hypnotism, as it was able to drive Vincent and his brother insane when on the highway.


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