Wire Snatch - Devil May Cry 5

Nero performing the Wire Snatch on a bridge at the city.

Red Grave City (レッドグレイブシティ Reddogureibushiti?) is a major city in the Devil May Cry series where the events of Devil May Cry 5  takes place. This was also the location of Dante and Vergil's childhood home before getting separated and losing their mother due to the attack by Mundus' minions.

On May 15th years later, the people of Red Grave City witnessed the sprouting of a large demonic tree which began to cause large panic within the city with certain people of the city praying by the stem of the tree.

While the city's populace remained unharmed during the initial rising of the mysterious tree, Morrison arrives at the scene, awaiting Dante's return from within the demonic tree. Many of the people within the city remained by the tree to observe it, however when Nero and V came out from the demonic tree, the mysterious tree began to sprout roots from underground. Without a moment's notice, the roots of the tree attacked the majority of Red Grave's populace, draining them of their blood and thus beginning the Red Grave incident which caused the city itself to cease function and causing the city itself to be cordoned off to prevent the inevitable threat of a demon uprising.[1]


Red Grave City takes on a modern Victorian style location with many buildings inspired from Victorian era architecture. The city houses a large bridge which crosses over a river as well as underground railway stations which span across the city itself. There are red telephone boxes situated across Red Grave City as well as statues which are seen as landmarks across the roads of the city itself. The city itself also has an industrial area which houses a number of railroads and a number of freight wagons.

Due to the the rise of the Qliphoth Tree, much of Red Grave City has been reduced to ruins. Roads and buldings are shown to have collapsed over a large portion of the city, vehicles and trains completely destroyed due to the rising of the Qliphoth roots and the remains of the citizens that were unable to escape have been reduced to nothing more than Qliphoth pollen which now haunt much of the city grounds. Other parts of city have been flooded as the result of the Qliphoth's rise from the earth. The city itself has been cordoned off to prevent the demon invasion from spreading, the large bridge that crosses the river has now completely collapsed due to the demonic tree's roots. Underground sewer passages are littered with roots which continue to rise to the ground.

Library File: Newspaper ArticlesEdit

A large number of citizens were cut down in the heart of Red Grave City on the evening of the 16th. The exact number of victims is currently unknown, and the perpetrator is still at large. The police have cordoned off roads in the vicinity. An investigation is currently underway, as is the search for the criminal.
Authorities have reported that the victims of the Red Grave City massacre now number in the hundreds. The remains of the dead are horribly disfigured, with only pieces of some victims being recovered.
Although bodies have yet to be found, a large number of citizens have gone missing since the incident. The police are trying to piece together the events of that night from the scant few survivors, and are hurriedly reviewing all of the damage.
Police reported that the corpse of a woman was discovered in the charred remains of a residence that had gone up in flames on the night of the incident.
The woman is thought to have been the owner of the residence, but evidence to substantiate this claim is currently lacking. According to testimony from other survivors, a pair of twins also lived with the woman, but their remains have yet to be found.


  • The name of the city, "Red Grave" is a reference to Tony Redgrave.
  • The developers traveled to parts of London in order to create the city.[2] Certain areas in the game show clear inspiration from modern day London such as the level resembling Tower Bridge, the London Underground, the presence of British double-decker buses and the red telephone boxes.
    • In Mission 03: Flying Hunter, it's possible to go out of bounds with a glitch by using the Split skill at a specific location. If the player goes too far away, the character will start falling down. In this void, the photograph that seems to have been used as part of the skybox in that level can be seen in full. This picture was supposedly taken at the Kensington Palace in London.[3]