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A Red Orb Cache in Devil May Cry 3.

There's a message carved in the stone. It's a riddle of some kind. "There are secret dimensions where red stones hide. They will appear when you do the out of the ordinary."
—Devil May Cry

Red Orb Cache is a term used for special locations in the Devil May Cry games. When the player character touches them or stands on them for a short time, it will causes a number of Red Orbs to appear.


Red Orb Caches are invisible until they are triggered. They are usually located in areas which are either obvious but difficult to reach, such as on the head of a statue or the top of a pillar, or would not be found unless the player was exploring the area thoroughly, such as a ledge outside the view of a room's normal camera.



In Devil May Cry, Red Orb Caches usually appear the instant Dante touches them: the Orbs either spawn in such a way that they are absorbed instantly, or fall from above across a broad area like a blanket of snow. They can only be collected once on a particular playthrough of the game and will not re-appear if Dante revisits the same area in a later mission, but can be collected again in New Game+.

Most likely as an anti-farming measure due to the introduction of the level select after beating the game once, in Devil May Cry 2 Red Orb Caches can only be collected once per difficulty on a given save file: after being collected, they will never re-appear. In Devil May Cry 3 can only be collected once, regardless of the difficulty. 

In Devil May Cry 4, after Nero acquires the Rusalka Corpse key item, his Devil Bringer will glow when he is near to any secret, including Red Orb Caches. In this game they re-appear every time a mission is played.

Devil May Cry 5's Red Orb Caches require the player character to stand still on them for a short time, whereupon a very large Red Orb "bundle" will appear and shatter into smaller ones. Like in Devil May Cry 4, they will appear every time a stage is played. Some Cache locations are marked with pools of fluid from the Qliphoth, though not all are marked like this and not all pools of Qliphoth fluid are Red Orb Caches.

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