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Red Orb cache is an object in Devil May Cry series, which serves as a container for multiple Red Orbs.

The Red Orb cache in Devil May Cry 3.


Red orb cache has no actual visual appearance, but they are located in the most unusual places, usually, where the player would not normally go during the gameplay.


There is no real way to indicate where the caches are located, only to comb the room entirely. However in Devil May Cry 4, Nero is able to detect the Red Orb cache by the blue glow on its "right hand". The glow gets brighter, the closer you are to the cache.


To reveal the Red Orb Cache, the player must stand (in some cases, jump, for DMC2) for a few seconds in the spot where the cache is located. Then a high amount of Red Orbs will flow out of this spot.

In the first, second and third game, Red Orb caches can only been taken once but in Devil May Cry 4, they will always reappear if the mission is replayed and will remain on another mission if location is still available. The reason to that may be because in previous games Orbs acted as currency to buy both items and skills, where in fourth insallation it serves a sole purpose to purchase items, such as Vital and Demon Stars (S, M and B), Blue, Purple and Gold Orbs, Holy Water.

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