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Restaurant Fredi

Restaurant exterior

Restaurant Fredi is, as its name says, a restaurant with several meals. It is seen recurrently during all Devil May Cry: The Animated Series being commonly visited by Dante, who goes only for the strawberry ice cream that is served there. It has also been visited by characters like Lady or Modeus before.

The restaurant is run by the head of the place, but only one worker has been seen, Cindy, who acts as waitress of the place.


Like most places in the animated series, it is not known exactly where it is located, but it is known that it is close to Dante's office at that time, since Dante used to visit the restaurant regularly, and therefore must be in the same city.


Its first appearance is during the fifth episode of the series called "In Private".

Its second appearance is during the tenth episode of the series called "The Last Promise".

Its third and final appearance is during the eleventh episode of the series called "Showtime!".