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The Revenant is a shotgun in DmC: Devil May Cry. It lacks the speed of Ebony & Ivory, but offers much more power and better crowd control options.

Acquiring the Revenant rewards the player with the More than just a few sparks award.


The Revenant is a hunting shotgun with a sawn-off bore. It has no stock, only a simple grip, with an engraved frame underlining the barrel. Unlike the classic Shotgun, it is not exactly the same break-loading style, and its spent shells eject upon firing.

The Revenant has the Golden, Bone, and Samurai skins available through DLC packs, which can also be obtained by pre-ordering the game.[1]


As a firearm, the Revenant cannot be used in Demon or Angel Mode, and can be cycled to other firearms by pressing Button ps4 ls-up. While it lacks the speed and range of Dante's other guns, it compensates by being extremely damaging at close range, and can hit multiple enemies at once. Revenant attacks will stagger most enemies, and can be used to push airborne enemies even higher into the air. They are particularly useful for shattering Demonic Shards or the wings of Harpies in one shot. Its "Charged Shot" can be Just Charged, although there is no unique visual effect when doing so. Its "Shoot" and "Fireworks" can also be Shot Canceled without even switching weapons, which can be done in midair to elevate Dante.

The Revenant Bomb can also be put on reserve by Charge Stocking.


Action Command (PS3) Command (360) Description
Shoot Button ps4 square Button xbone x A powerful buckshot with a wide spread. Delivers high damage at close range. Level 2 increases the damage.
Charged Shot Button ps4 square (Hold and Release) Button xbone x (Hold and Release) Powers a shot into a demonic bomb. When released, the bomb sticks to enemies and explodes shortly after. Level 2 increases the area of effect one explosion.
Fireworks Button ps4 square+Button ps4 cross Button xbone x+Button xbone a Flip the shotgun around with style and flare, shooting three times at enemies surrounding Dante. Level 2 increases the damage.


In European folklore, a "Revenant" is a visible ghost or animated corpse that has returned to terrorize the living.

The title of the award earned for acquiring Revenant, "More than just a few sparks", is a reference to Dante's line from Devil May Cry 4 (after defeating Berial) "That's a letdown. I was hoping for a bit more than just a few sparks."

Its Japanese name, Yuuki, is Japanese for "ghastly demon", but also read the same as "courage" (勇気)

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