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Rock Goldstein is the son of Nell Goldstein and Roy Martin. He is also the owner of Rock's Guns and Ammo shop and the half-uncle/adoptive father of Nicoletta Goldstein.



When Rock was seven, his reckless handling of his mother's gun cost him most of his sight in his right eye, which he wears an eyepatch over. To apologize to his mother, Rock drew a medal for Nell to recognize her as a gunsmith, though he misspelled ".45. ART WORKS" as ".45 ART WARKS". However, Nell treasured Rock's gift and, at Rock's behest, continued to make guns and even ended her relationship with Roy, who wanted Nell to stop.

After his parents' divorce, Rock was forced to stay with his father, who remarried soon after, and his half-sister Alyssa (Nico's mother) was born. Rock grew up learning weapon-making at Uroboros and tried to find Nell's whereabouts, but by the time he found her, she had already been dead for six months. Wanting to follow in his mother's footsteps, Rock opened his own shop and took in Alyssa since their father and Alyssa's mother died, supposedly through suicide due to suffering from a failed investment. Although left with a large debt, the siblings were able to get by comfortably due to their jobs. One day, Alyssa brought Agnus, who was her co-worker at Uroboros. Alyssa soon became pregnant, quit her job, and gave birth to Nico. While everything was good for two years, Agnus was summoned by the Order of the Sword and returned to Fortuna alone, even though Alyssa wanted to go with him and was willing to adopt their religion. Alyssa was soon diagnosed with an incurable disease and was hospitalized until her death a few years later. Rock then legally adopted Nico and raised her, teaching her about Nell's history and her works. Rock recalls the day Dante came to the shop and corrected the spelling mistake on Ebony & Ivory.