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Rolling Thunder is the fourth episode of the Devil May Cry: The Animated Series. It aired on July 5, 2007


A man is running away from a demon when Lady shows up and kills it. She tells the man to run as more demons have shown up. As Lady is killing the demons, lightning strikes the last one, killing it instantly. Lady looks up to see a mysterious woman on the rooftops. Noticing that lightning seems to be surrounding this woman, Lady recalls how a priest hired her to hunt down a demon-woman who controls lightning. Lady proceeds to fire at the woman, causing her to retreat while firing back a bolt of lightning. As Lady pursues her onto the rooftops, the woman ambushes her, but Lady retaliates, which leads to the woman pulling out her dual pistols and returning fire. After Lady tosses a grenade at her that does nothing more than ruin her clothes, the mysterious woman retreats.

Trish watches Lady leave DMC

Trish watches Lady leave Devil May Cry from a nearby rooftop.

At the Devil May Cry shop, Dante is looking at a woman's fashion magazine and complaining about how expensive everything is. Lady walks in and teases him, asking if he intends to dress in drag. Dante humors her before inquiring as to why she's there. After assuring him that she's not here to collect more of his debt, Lady asks if he's ever heard of a strange demon-woman that can control lightning. Dante says he hasn't, brushing off the description as something any demon could pull off. Lady accepts his answer but makes one last remark about how the woman dual-wields pistols just like Dante does before leaving, encountering Patty on her way out. Outside the shop, the mysterious woman from before watches Lady leave.

Dante Looks at Picture of Eva

Dante looks at the picture of Eva Patty accidentally knocked over.

Back inside, Patty asks if Dante has looked over the woman's fashion magazine carefully, revealing that Dante lost a bet and owes her clothes as a result. Dante tells her he can't afford to buy her clothes at the moment as he's spent his last paycheck on pizza and strawberry sundaes. While they continue to bicker, Patty accidentally knocks the picture of Dante's mother over. Dante picks up the picture and smirks as he thinks about Lady's comment about lightning. He then answers the phone when it rings, expressing familiarity with the caller, showing that he did indeed know who Lady was talking about.

Elsewhere, at a warehouse, Lady is picking up Kalina Ann from a gunsmith when he tells her that there's a woman outside. When Lady rushes outside to confront her, she is met with a smoke grenade instead. It ruins her clothes, prompting her to go clothes shopping.

Lady Gets Embarrassed

Lady smiles in embarrassment after yelling for an employee out of jealousy.

At a boutique, Lady asks an employee for a changing room to try on the clothes she's picked out, but the changing room is occupied. Lady comments on how bad the occupant's style is as it's revealed that the occupant is the mysterious woman. Lady pulls out a gun but quickly puts it away and instead tells the woman to leave as she doesn't want to destroy the boutique. The woman wordlessly complies by moving to buy the clothes she picked out. The employee fawns over the woman, causing Lady to get jealous and suddenly demand an employee help her. All the occupants of the store stare at her in shock, much to Lady's embarrassment.

Trish and Lady Fist Fight

Trish and Lady fist fight after disarming each other.

Later, at a church, the priest who hired Lady expresses his displeasure at Lady's failure to kill the mysterious woman. Lady brushes him off but agrees that she is strong, which is why she brought Kalina Ann. The priest continues to harp on how Lady must kill this demon quickly, and Lady agrees as the woman just arrived. The woman crashes through the ceiling, and Lady starts to banter with her, saying that she's annoyed that she had to go buy expensive new clothes. The woman ignores Lady, instead walking towards the priest. Lady cuts in with Kalina Ann and tells the priest to run. The two then proceed to fight, destroying both the church and their appearances in the process. In the distance, Dante watches a wall of the church explode.

Trish teases Lady

Trish angers Lady by teasing her.

As the two continue to fight, Dante tosses Rebellion between them to stop their fighting. Lady starts to complain but is interrupted by the mysterious woman finally speaking. She starts bantering with Dante about how late he is. Lady interjects to demand an explanation. When Dante refuses to speak for her, the woman introduces herself as Dante's partner, Trish. Dante corrects her, clarifying that they're ex-partners as they work separately now. This causes them to start bantering again, which Lady stops by shooting the pew Dante is leaning on and again demanding an explanation. Instead of giving her one, Trish begins teasing Lady for being jealous. Lady runs across the tops of the pews and angrily refutes her claims. Dante again refuses to get involved when prompted, making Trish laugh, which effectively ends the argument.

Priest Reveals Himself

The priest reveals himself after Trish exposes his true identity.

Finally, Dante explains that Trish didn't explain herself initially because she was bored and wanted to fight a worthy opponent. Trish agrees and reveals that her true target was the priest, who was actually a demon all along, which is why he hired Lady to kill Trish. The priest reveals his true self, intending to kill all three demon hunters. None of them take him seriously though, angering the demon and baiting him into attacking the three. They attack simultaneously, Dante with Ivory, Lady with one of her pistols, and Trish with lightning.

Once again at the shop, Trish goes to take her leave but is stopped by Dante asking where she's going before telling her she's always welcome back at the shop if she tires of traveling around. Trish declines his offer, expressing that she wants to continue traveling. Dante wishes her well, and she reciprocates before leaving.

Lady and Trish on Lady's Bike

Lady offers Trish a ride on her bike, and they bond over having both charged Dante for their new clothes.

Outside, Lady is waiting on her motorcycle and offers Trish a ride. Trish accepts and comments on her new suit. Lady confirms that she just bought the suit and sent the bill to Dante. Trish tells her that she did the same thing. Dante watches them ride off together with a smile, but before he can retreat into his shop, a woman stops him and tries to give him the bill for the clothes Lady and Trish bought. Dante tries to close the door on her, but she's persistent and hands him the bill. When Dante sees the amount, he balks and claims he can't pay for the clothes as he doesn't have any money. As Dante and the woman argue, Patty arrives at the shop with a bag of clothes while voicing how she hopes that Dante won't be mad that she sent him the bill for her clothes.

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  • This is the second of four episodes that Bingo Morihashi wrote for the anime.
  • Dante reveals that he and Trish are no longer partners, which they agreed to be after the events of DMC1, and that the separation was Trish's idea. This event is expanded upon in volume 1 of the anime's drama CD, which also explains the shop's name change from Devil Never Cry back to Devil May Cry.