Scudo Angelos are some of the enemies encountered throughout Devil May Cry 5


Scudo Angelos appears as a humanoid demons in black armor with blue ornaments on it as well as blue cape on their back. They possess one handed demonic sword as well as shield that they're using to parry attacks.

The Scudo Angelos, just like Bianco Angelos seems to have no real self and follow the orders of the Proto Angelos.


Scudo Angelos posses a variety of attacks with sword and shield, however their attacks are rather slow and easy to predict. Under the control of Proto Angelo, they'll become more aggressive and perform a number of team attacks.


Nico's Enemy Report - Scudo Angelo
In his journals, my daddy sometimes mentions the Black Angel- some kind of powerful demon that used to inhabit the underworld.
Daddy had a theory that it was created by transubstantiating an unwilling human victim into demon flesh.
If that theory was right, then these dead-eyed creeps are like a mass-produced version of the Black Angel.
Their shields? Hella tough. If you wanna get around 'em, you're gonna have to use your head. Good luck with that.


The Scudo Angelo has 1300 HP.

Once Ignition has been activiated, Balrog's blow mode can keep Scuda Angelo stunned until it dies with simple Light Blows.


The Scudo Angelo carries a purple sword with a big black shield.



  • Scudo Angelos are similar to the Bianco Angelos from Devil May Cry 4.
  • Scudo Angelo is Italian for “Sheild Angel”
  • The word Scudo comes from the Latin word scutum, which translates to ‘shield’.
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