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Secret Mission Tutorial (4)

Secret Mission Tutorial in Devil May Cry 4.

In the Devil May Cry series, Secret Missions are optional tasks that the player may perform in order to obtain Blue Orbs and Blue Orb Fragments for upgrading the Vitality Gauge. In the first, third, and fourth games, they have requirements that test specific skills (sometimes to the point where certain Missions cannot be completed without particular abilities obtained; particular of which is Devil May Cry 4, where some secret missions are only possible when playing as a certain character), whereas the second game requires the player to combat various groupings of demons in an enclosed room.

In Devil May Cry, Secret Missions will often only appear at certain points in a level, and they usually require re-entry into a door or area. The second game makes the locations less obvious, as the entryway into a Mission typically looks no different from the other surroundings of the level. By the third game, locating the Missions is more simplified, as certain parts of the scenery that glow (particularly if they are red) denote the "signposts" for the portals. Most recently, the fourth game has changed the appearance of all Secret Missions entrances into a standard design - an off-white piece of paper with bright red lettering which is nailed to various surfaces or objects in the levels. Also, this is the first in the series to include a tutorial describing to the player the concept of a Secret Mission, which is seen when Nero approaches the first one in the game. In Devil May Cry 5, Secret Missions are denoted by a specific pattern on the background - in order to start them, the player must stand on a glowing point nearby, then align the camera toward the pattern.

Secret Missions in Devil May Cry[]

Except for Secret Mission 12, all Missions listed will grant a Blue Orb Fragment for successful completion. They can only be completed once per playthrough. On subsequent playthroughs, already completed Secret Missions will grant a Yellow Orb.

Secret Missions in Devil May Cry 2[]

Devil May Cry 2 differs from the others in the series in that it does not require specific tasks to be performed for completion. Rather, the areas are referred to as "Secret Rooms" and players battle increasingly difficult groupings of enemies in an enclosed room. All Rooms can only be completed once per mode of difficulty, with Dante having twenty possible Rooms per mode and Lucia having ten possible Rooms per mode.

Secret Missions in Devil May Cry 3[]

All Missions listed will grant a Blue Orb Fragment for successful completion the first time. They will grant a large Red Orb for the subsequent completions (worth various amounts).

Secret Missions in Devil May Cry 4[]

In Devil May Cry 4, Secret Missions grant a Blue Orb Fragment for the first completion, and a large Red Orb worth 100 total Red Orbs for subsequent completions. The Missions have a default difficulty equivalent to the "Sons of Sparda" setting, regardless of what the outer Mission is set to, and may not be accessed while playing on "Heaven or Hell" difficulty.

Secret Missions in Devil May Cry 5[]

The Secret Missions in Devil May Cry 5 behave similarly to that of Devil May Cry 4's, upon its first completion, players are awarded one Blue Orb Fragment, after this a Red Orb will be awarded to players every time they replay it. When playing as Vergil, you will receive a Gold Orb instead of a Blue Orb fragment, but only if you already completed the same mission by other character. Otherwise, Vergil will get Blue Orb Fragment.

Secret Missions in DmC: Devil May Cry[]

In DmC: Devil May Cry, Secret Missions are found beyond Sealed Doors, unlocked with keys throughout the environment. There are four tiers of secret missions: Copper (consisting of 10 secret missions), Argent (6 secret missions), Gold (4 secret missions) and Ivory (a lone one but extremely difficult to complete the secret mission). Finishing one of the first 16 Secret Missions (Copper & Argent) will grant Dante a Green Cross Fragment. Finish one of the 17th-20th Secret Missions (Gold) will grant Dante a Purple Cross Fragment. While completing the 21st Secret Mission (Ivory) will grant Dante a Purple Cross. Secret Missions can be replayed at any time via an option from the game's main menu. In Definitive Edition, all doors and keys have been replaced with only gold doors and gold keys, which means players can unlock any secret mission as long as they have a key.

Two of the awards for the game can be achieved by completing secret missions. The first one, This party's just getting crazy! can be achieved by completing 10 secret missions while One hell of a party! can be achieved by completing all of the secret missions.