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See You There is a cutscene in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition. It plays at the start of Mission 01 when playing as Lady/Trish.


Lady comes to the Devil May Cry shop in order to ask Dante about Sparda, she tells him that the Order of the Sword worships the demon as a God, and that lately they've been hunting demons and have even been trying to collect Devil Arms. Trish is overhearing the story and steals the Sparda sword unnoticed, which prompts the group to go on their next adventure.


Lady: So just how much do you know about Sparda? The story goes that Sparda served as the feudal lord of the city long ago. The people who live there today take these legends as truth and worship him... Just like a god.

Dante: They worship a demon as a god?

Lady: Peaceful worship can't be condemned, but the real problem is the Order. Lately they've been running amok, catching demons and have even butted in on some of my jobs.

Dante: Maybe they're starting a zoo.

Lady: Not just demons. They've also been targeting Devil Arms, like the ones you have.

Dante: Okay then, a museum. So what?

Lady: Well, what if their intentions are foul and there's a diabolical plan behind these apparently random acts?

Dante: Well then I'd have something to keep me occupied and -- Trish!

Lady: Try not to keep us waiting, Dante.

Dante: Yeah, yeah...

Trish: Don't be late for the party.

Dante: Yup... This is gonna get ugly.

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