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Shadow is one of V's familiars based after the original Shadow.


Shadow is somewhat like the original demon that Dante encountered during his battle with Mundus, both in terms of appearance and behavior. It is much more clearly defined, taking the form of a large panther (as opposed to a saber-tooth cat) with enormously muscular forelimbs that give it a bulldog-like build, and red eyes with visible white scelera. Its body features glowing lines pulsating faintly whenever it moves.

Like its original incarnation, Shadow attacks by morphing either parts of itself or its entire body, forming into spinning blades, whip-like tendrils, spears and the like. V can ride on Shadow to dodge or when using the Quickplay ability to travel faster. Shadow has its own health bar and can take damage from enemies.

Unlike a regular Shadow, it does not possess an immunity to physical attacks when fully formed, nor will it generate spikes to defend its core. It also lacks the deadly final self-destruct attack of its Mallet Island counterpart.

If its vitality is depleted entirely, it regresses into its inert core form (as a normal Shadow would if severely damaged) in a state known as "stalemate". Shadow can revive itself fairly quickly over time to return V's side. V can hasten its regeneration by standing near the core or by summoning Nightmare which will instantly revive any downed familiar. Shadow can be further upgraded to increase its vitality and regeneration rate during stalemate.


Shadow maintains the personality of an attack dog, aggressive yet disciplined and always awaiting for V to give the order before he attacks. In Nico's reports, she notes that Shadow is very docile around V, despite belonging to a demon species known for being aggressive towards humans, and often naps around him.

Though loyal to both V and Vergil, all three familiars recognize their continued existence will only bring him pain, so once they have outlived their usefulness, they intercepted and attacked Dante, forcing him to kill them.


Devil May Cry 5 – Visions of V –Edit

Devil May Cry 5: Before the NightmareEdit

Devil May Cry 5Edit

After V merges with Urizen to become Vergil, Shadow and his fellow familars fight Dante as he makes his way to the top of the Qliphoth to confront his brother but are summarily defeated by the devil hunter. This was their intention all along however, as they wanted to put an end to Vergil's pain and grant their former master some measure of peace.


Devil May Cry 5 promo site[1]
The Familiars
Shadow & Griffon
V's combat potential is practically nonexistent, so he relies on these demons to lay waste to his foes—Shadow for close combat, and Griffon for ranged attacks. Once these two lay on enough pain, it's up to V to put his enemies to rest with his trusty cane.
This demon familiar usually takes the form of a quadruped beast, only to shapeshift into blades, needles, and all manner of nasty weapons to act as a vanguard. Through Shadow, V can also move at faster speeds than normal.
Nico's Character Report - Shadow
One of the demons that keeps V from gettin' himself killed.
Seems to stick to the whole big black cat motif for the most part, but it can shift shape when it wants to.
Again, the old texts collected by the Order of the Sword talk about a beast just like this one, only it never would have played nice with a human.
Around V, though, this thing's as meek as a buttercup in a breeze. And don't tell me it's just 'cause V's good with animals.


Action Command Description
Shadow Combo AWhile on the ground, pressB t-B t-B tFollow up Shadow's claw attack with a series of piercing tentacle strikes. Automatically becomes an air attack for airborne targets
Shadow Combo BWhile on the ground, pressB t, thenB t-B tAn extra combo for Shadow, knocking away enemies with a swing of his tail and rending them with enormous fangs
Shadow Combo CWhile on the ground, pressB t-B t, then tapB t repeatedlyA combo to follow up Shadow's claw attack, changing his neck into a whip to flay nearby foes
BreakthoughPressB r1 + L joystick forward +B tShadow dives into the ground and dashes ahead, attacking with tentacles as it moves
HedgehogWhile on the ground, hold and releaseB tShadow transforms into spikes that jut out in all directions to attack
Hedgehog 2While on the ground, press and holdB tThe upgrade to Hedgehog adds needles that erupt from the ground behind Shadow
ArbiterWhile on the ground, pressB r1 + L joystick back +B tShadow's tail transforms into an axe to launch foes. HoldB t to have him follow enemies into the air
BayonetIn mid-air, pressB tShadow changes his whole body into a spinning blade, striking enemies with a spin attack
GuillotinePressB r1 + L joystick forward or back +B tA spinning charge attack that transforms Shadow's body. Press pressB r1 + L joystick forward for diving orB r1 + L joystick back for a drop attack
SkewerWhile on the ground, pressB r1 + L joystick back to forward +B tShadow transforms his head into a needle to stab at enemies. V can even stand on the needle during this attack


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Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2Edit

Shadow appears as V's Passive skill, it changes Regular Attacks to the following effect: inflicts Almighty (Mag) damage on a single target.

In the story mode, before Dante fights V, V actually calls upon Shadow by name, which is something he never did in Devil May Cry 5.


  • The classic Shadow's weakness is also present in this version, when fighting against Shadow in Mission 18, it can use its Skewer attack and if Dante stands on the spear and shoots at it, it will instantly get stalemated.
  • Shadow's theme (Silent Siren) when Dante fights him in Mission 18 is a remix of Shadow's theme in Devil May Cry (PSYCHO SIREN).

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