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Soldier[1] (also nicknamed "crew cut" by Nero) is a member of the military forces who fought against the demons in Red Grave City during the events of Devil May Cry 5.


Devil May Cry 5[]

On June 15th at 04:24 am, Soldier was part of a squad defending a checkpoint on the bridge into Red Grave City from a constant onslaught of Empusa. By 05:02 am, his squad was utterly destroyed. Soldier himself was almost killed, but he was saved when Nero and Nico interceded.

When Nero was testing his new Devil Breakers by killing demons, Nico took care of Soldier and learned from him that the entire city had been taken over by demons.


Not much is know about the Soldier's personality other than the fact that he is a serious individual that cares about others and tries to fulfil his duty as best as he possibly could. He appears genuinely concerned for Nero when the latter takes on the Empusa, initially thinking he is just a regular civilian.


Soldier is a white skinned, average sized man. He wears a military vest and an Ops-Core FAST helmet with black goggles.

Powers and Abilities[]

Soldier is a normal human and a decent marksman who managed to take down a few Empusas before being defeated by the rest of them. Like the rest of his unit, he is armed with a short-barrel AR-15 pattern carbine with a vertical foregrip.


  • Patrick Seitz, the voice actor of Soldier, also voiced one of the heads of King Cerberus. In addition, he voiced the english version of the video "The Story of Devil May Cry" which was posted in the official Devil May Cry YouTube channel.[2]
  • Soldier is quite a popular character within the community due to the scene in the E3 announcement trailer where Nero calls him "Crew Cut", from there, fans started nicknaming Soldier as Crew Cut and would go as far as ask the development team to make him a playable character.[3]
  • Soldier's gun can be seen in Nico's van on the lower-right of the Gallery menu's background, under the table.
    • Oddly, the rifle lacks any sort of sight, having only a Picatinny rail with nothing attached to it.