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Soul Eater is a lesser demon appearing in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening that is capable of changing its constitution from solid to gaseous. They are first encountered in Mission 11: Revenge.

Appearance and Description[]

The Soul Eater is a demon that looks like a black and blue mass with undulating tendrils used to grab on to their prey.They have two slit-like eyes and a jaw for consuming demonic energy. In their gas form, they look like a blue-green mist.


Soul Eaters will only solidify when the player faces away from them. They only have one attack in which they rush and latch on to the player, sucking life out of them. Because the player must turn away from the Soul Eater for it to become vulnerable, the most useful attacks to use are ones that can quickly change direction, or can attack behind the player. Beowulf's Killer Bee and Ebony & Ivory's Twosome Time are useful in this regard, as are the Spiral and Kalina Ann. If the Soul Eater manages to grab you, just invoke Devil Trigger to break free.


The Soul Eater seems to be based on the Cthulhu-mythos flying polyp, Lloigor, or star vampire, all of them barely describable monstrosities.