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Devil May Cry[]

File - Weapon
A memento of Dante's father, Sparda.
File - Weapon
It's the true form of the Force Edge, the sword wielded by the Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda.

Devil May Cry 2[]

Dante - File - Weapon
A memento of Dante's father, Sparda.
Trish - File - Weapon
The Dark Knight's beloved sword.

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening[]

Vergil - File - Devil Arms
A sword magically imbued with Sparda's power. A powerful sword with great hidden potential.

Devil May Cry 4[]

Library - Arms - Vergil's Arms
A devil arm with the power of the legendary dark knight Sparda sealed within. It's powerful as is, but its true power has yet to be realized.
Library - Arms - Trish's Arms
The sword wielded by Dante and Vergil's father, Sparda. This is the true form of the Force Edge.

Devil May Cry 5[]

Devil May Cry 5 promo site[1]
The blade wielded by the Dark Knight Sparda, sharing his own name.
The incredible power dwelling within allows this blade to choose its own user. This sword was once used to seal away the demon king Mundus.
Nico's Weapon Report - Devil Sword Sparda
The sword Sparda bears more than the Dark Knight's name: it gives off an ominous, but somehow divine, power.
I hear the thing's brimming with demonic power, but only a few tough hombres can actually wield the dang thing.
I'd love to spend some quality time experimenting on this blade...but naw, better not. I'd only get chewed out.
Documents - The Legend of Sparda
The world of demons was once connected to the world of man. The one who ruled the demon world set his sights on conquest of the human world. However, one demon rose up against the demon king, and fought to protect mankind: The Dark Knight Sparda.
Wielding a massive sword that shared his name, Sparda laid the demon king to rest, along with his subordinates. He then sealed the gate connecting both worlds, using a sword as the key. While most records offer little to no details about this weapon, many speculate it to be the Sword of Sparda.
And yet, the following was written in a record of devil swords I discovered:
"The Dark Knight Sparda split his power in three parts. One blade bore his own name; the second blade was named to embody retaliation; the final blade was named to embody a god of death."
If this is true, then there are two other devil swords out there besides Sparda.
Sparda was sealed by the dark knight himself, but no one has found any documents pertaining to the locations of the other two blades...