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Sparda is a major supporting character in DmC: Devil May Cry. Although he has been captured long before the events of the game, his decision to father children with an angel is a driving force behind many of the character's motives, from those who once knew him to those he left behind.


Sparda's portrait depicts a man of regality and sophistication. In the photograph, he is attired in a red frock coat with a pauldron on the left shoulder, and a strap running across his chest from right to left. His hair is dark gray, with a strip of silver in his bangs showing his age and his demonic nature, as seen with Dante's progressively whitening hair. The portrait is torn over Sparda's face, so no features are known, other than that he is light-skinned. Sparda is also seen with Rebellion and stands next to a shield bearing the crest tattooed on Dante's back.

While living with Eva, however, Sparda wears modern clothes, including a simple white shirt and slacks.

In his true form, Sparda retains his human appearance but has a pair of horns on his head.


DmC: Devil May Cry[]


Sparda after being imprisoned by Mundus.

Sparda was once a powerful demon king, who once worked alongside Mundus, his blood brother, as his right-hand man and most trusted lieutenant during the former's rise to power over 9,000 years prior to Vergil and Dante's birth.

However, he eventually fell in love with the angel Eva, and the happy pair were gifted with twin sons, Dante and Vergil. For the crime of bringing Nephilim into the world, Mundus sent his hunters after Sparda and Eva and eventually tracked him down to his mansion, Paradise. During the attack, Eva was killed by Mundus while Sparda took Dante and Vergil away from their home, erasing their memories and hiding them, separately, among the humans in order to protect them. Sparda was eventually captured by the demons and condemned to endure eternal agony as a prisoner.


The extent of Sparda's power is unknown, though he was known to the demons as a swordsman and a warrior, whose power was overwhelmed only by Mundus. However, he was weaker than his Nephilim sons and was defeated and imprisoned by Mundus's forces.


  • From unused dialogue found in the game files, Sparda was supposed to have had an active role in the game but, for unknown reasons, all of his dialogue was cut.[1][2][3]
  • The demon Phineas says that he sees Sparda in Dante. Although it is not explained in the game, the unused dialogues revealed that he used to know both him and Eva.[4] The Italian version of the dubbing contains the sentence "he served our father" spoken by Dante during his confrontation with Vergil when they talk about saving Kat.