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The Spicere is a lesser demon in Devil May Cry 2, which serves no purpose other than to explode, damaging all who surround it.[1]


Spiceres (Lat: "Spiked") are organic, spherical demons with hard, yet sensitive spiked shells. They have no discernable eyes or face, and it is a mystery how they perceive the world.


It usually explodes after a certain period of time standing around it or when it has been attacked. The use of firearms is highly recommended, preferably the Missile Launcher to ensure the demon explodes. As the Spicere are only "living bombs"; their HP bar has a gray color and does not deplete, most likely showing that they are not something so important apart from the fact they can explode and damage both players and foes.



  1. Devil May Cry 2, Enemy File — Spicere: "It explodes when it’s damaged or when the tension runs high."