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Spiral is a large caliber rifle which appears in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. It fires high penetration-type bullets.[1] Its long reload time can be circumvented by quickly switching guns between shots. Upgrading it raises its max firepower.[2]

Spiral is found in the Subterranean Lake area during Mission 9: Faded Memories of Dante's scenario. It is placed upon an inert altar, located on one of the ruined balconies. If the player fails to pick it up in this mission, it can be found again in the same location during Mission 14: Drive!.


Compared to other firearms in Devil May Cry 3, Spiral is a gun of extremes. Its high-penetration bullets are designed to deal high damage to stagger foes, penetrate their defences, and ricochet. Spiral is Dante's most accurate gun, best suited for long-range combat. The shells easily penetrate demons, and may hit multiple of them in succession if they are lined up in a row. Spiral shots are powerful enough to cause visible sonic booms of large size, distorting air around the muzzle.

Spiral's size limits Dante's mobility however, and it cannot be used mid-air. Spiral's recoil will also push Dante backwards a little with every shot, and limits its rate of fire considerably (various cancel techniques can be used to remedy the low rate of fire, e.g. weapon switching with Ebony and Ivory). Spiral's bullets travel at unusually low velocity, so keep that in mind when engaging far-away foes.

Gunslinger gives Spiral increased flexibility, enhancing its long range and crowd-control effectiveness. Trickshot fires a richocheting shell that will hit any enemies nearby (mash Button ps4 circle to increase the number of richochets, and thus hits). Sniper is one of the most powerful Gunslinger attacks - rivaling Shotgun's Gun Stinger in damage - but requires a moment to execute. Sniper's Crazy Combo Ricochet will cause the Sniper shot to also rebound within the victim, and causing damage to anything close by as well.


Devil May Cry 3[]

Action Command Description
Normal Shot Button ps4 square

Action Command Description
Level 1
Trick Shot Button ps4 circle (ground) Ricochet bullets off surrounding walls to hit multiple enemies. Levels 2 and 3 increase the number of times a bullet ricochets.
Level 3
Sniper Button ps4 r1+Button ps4 ls-up+Button ps4 circle Target in on an enemy's weak spot and then fire a high-damage piercing shot at them.
Reflector Crazy Sniper Intentionally fire a bullet that ricochets off nearby surfaces, picking up speed and then impacting into an enemy doing maximum damage.


The Spiral is a modified Lahti L-39 20mm anti-tank rifle. The Spiral features a shortened barrel, a wood handguard (which replaces the L-39's ski-equipped bipod) and a carry handle in front of the magazine housing. All of these modifications make the Spiral easier to wield by hand (the original L-39 was intended to fire solely from the prone position) without overly hindering the shooter's mobility.



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