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Spiral Cancel is a technique in DmC: Devil May Cry which allows the player to perform aerial attacks inches from the ground with Ebony & Ivory's Inverse Rainstorm. It is based off another technique called the "Spiral Dodge", which allows for a stationary, ground-based evasive manuever.


The only skills required for the Spiral Cancel is Inverse Rainstorm, Evade, and then any other aerial skills the player wishes to perform. It is recommended that the Gun Special key be mapped to its own button for use of this technique.


At any time, have Ebony & Ivory equipped as the current firearm and perform Inverse Rainstrom on the ground with the Gun Special key. Immediately after hitting the input for Inverse Rainstorm, use the input for the aerial dodge to cancel out of Inverse Rainstorm. This is known as simply the "Spiral Dodge", and is the setup point from where the Spiral Cancel branches out from.

After performing the Spiral Dodge, you can immediately input any desired aerial skill (Helm Breaker, Drop, Calibur etc.) to perform the aerial skill moments after Dante lifts off the ground.


The only skills that do not work with Spiral Canceling are...

  • Hanger
  • Rake
  • Skirmish
  • Showdown
  • Rainstorm
  • Revenant Shoot
  • Kablooey Shoot

...because their start-up frames are slightly longer, causing Dante to touch down on the ground before he can execute the damage-dealing portion of the attack. The exception to the exception here is if you delay the dodge input for the Spiral Dodge, Dante will lift higher off the ground before canceling Inverse Rainstorm. It's up to experimentation and player discretion to decide if a delay is pertinent to a combo.