Straight is one of the moves in Devil May Cry series for various characters. It may have a different name for some weapons, though the execution is similar.

Beowulf (Devil May Cry 3)Edit

Skill for Dante. Must be bought and can be upgraded to level 2. This attack propells the player forward at high speed, making a powerful, knocking punch.

Gilgamesh (Devil May Cry 4)Edit

Skill for Dante. It is used after Draw, a quick backwards dash. It works like a Beowulf move from previous game, propelling the player with a quick punch.

Beowulf (Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition)Edit

Skill for Vergil . Though not called Straight, a similar attack is performed as the finisher of Beowulf Combo B. It makes a fast forward rush, knocking enemies ahead.

Bare Knuckle (Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition)Edit

Thunder Blow is a very similar attack for Trish . It also makes the player go forward and creates a damaging lightning trail.

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