Here. For those hard-to-reach itches. Kyrie'll love it! Catch my meaning?

Sweet Surrender is a DLC Devil Breaker that can be equipped by Nero in Devil May Cry 5.

Description[edit | edit source]

Sweet Surrender is a white prosthetic hand with a soft rubber-like texture, a speed setting dial on the back of the hand, and decorative gold on the forearm. When in use, it glows pale green.

File[edit | edit source]

Sweet Surrender
A Devil Breaker created by Nico to relieve Kyrie's tension.
Nero is too rough to do the job without hurting Kyrie, so this device is made of soft materials. Its vibration feature is especially effective at alleviating shoulder and hip pain.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Sweet Surrender is added to Nico's store menu if the DLC is purchased, and can be manually equipped at the start of Mission 02: Qliphoth. However, if the player has the DLC it can randomly spawn as early as Mission 01: Nero. It is in the highest price band for Devil Breakers at a cost of 3500 DMC5 Red Orb.png in the store, the same as the Buster Arm.

Sweet Surrender has no offensive functions and can only deal damage with its Break Away move. Instead, it offers very slow but constant healing while activated (with the Devil Breaker button turning it on and off in the same manner as Tomboy), or a larger one-off heal (3 segments of the health bar) by using its Break Age move. Notably, it is the only method of manually restoring health that does not affect the stage ranking, which is probably why it is so expensive.

Like all DLC weapons, it cannot be equipped in Bloody Palace mode.

Moveset[edit | edit source]

Action Command (PS4) Command (PC) Command (XONE) Description
Brief Relief B c.gif Middle mouse Bx b.png Flip the switch on Sweet Surrender to make it vibrate. The massage function gradually refills your vitality. You can move around while it's on, but taking a hit will break it. PressB c.gif to turn the arm back off again.
Sweet Release Press and holdB c.gif until Sweet Surrender sparks Press and hold middle mouse until Sweet Surrender sparks Press and holdBx b.png until Sweet Surrender sparks Jerk Sweet Surrender off your arm for an explosion of healing energy. Restores vitality in an instant, but blowing the whole load at once destroys the arm.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Rather than saying its name when he switches to it, Nero just says "Devil Breaker."
  • This Devil Breaker is likely a humorous play on electric shoulder massagers like the Hitachi Magic Wand, which was first produced in the '70s and quickly repurposed by several users as a sex toy. Eventually the brand embraced that practice, blurring the line between vibrators and electric massagers marketing-wise.
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