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Sword Illusion, also known as Phantom Swords, are magically generated blades used by Vergil and his hollow counterpart.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The Sword Illusions work much like the Summoned Swords in the classic Devil May Cry. All of the special moves consumes one to three runes of Vergil's Devil Trigger. Only Spiral Swords can be upgraded to have more swords spinning around Vergil, and they do not despawn once he summons them, the swords must hit an enemy for them to vanish.

Vergil can use his Demon and Angel ability to change how the swords work, if the player is in Demon state, the sword will make the enemy teleport to where Vergil is standing, if the player is in Angel state, Vergil will teleport to where the enemy is standing.

Vergil uses this ability when he fights Dante in Mission 20. Although, the only attack he uses there is the Blistering Swords, the player is recommended to use the Shotgun and Aquila at this point because once Vergil summons the swords, both weapons can destroy them all from close range.

Hollow Vergil uses Sword Storm when he fights Vergil in Vergil's Downfall. The player must teleport away or else they'll always get hit by them.

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