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T.J. Storm

Juan Ricardo Ojed, known professionally as T.J. Storm, is an American actor, stuntman, dancer and martial artist. The name "Storm" supposedly originated from one of the Karate styles he trained in.

Role in the Devil May Cry series[]

Storm is the English voice and motion capture actor for Agnus in Devil May Cry 4.


He has learned Arashi-Ryu Karate, Taekwondo, Ninjutsu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and mastered forms of hip hop and breakdancing. Storm has gone on to star in several major projects including Punisher: War ZoneGreen LanternAvatarJack the Giant Slayer and The Martial Arts Kid. He has also provided voice acting and motion capture to a variety of video games include Brad Garrison in Dead Rising and Captain Josh Stone in Resident Evil 5.