TEPPEN is a free-to-play card game for mobile devices published by GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. and developed by GungHo and Capcom in conjuction.[1] The game features cards with characters from multiple Capcom franchises, including Devil May Cry.


TEPPEN was being developed since at least 2017. Capcom Executive Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto was a fan of Puzzles & Dragons, a game developed by GungHo, and so he wanted to get in touch with the company. He met GungHo CEO Kazuki Morishita and while at first their meetings weren't about making a new game, eventually the idea came to mind and Morishita stated that he'd like to have multiple Capcom IPs in the game. As GungHo had a high amount of experience in the mobile market, it was the perfect choice for Capcom as they wanted to make TEPPEN a mobile game.[5]

The game released on the 4th of July, 2019, but only in the United States, Canada, England, France, Italy, Germany, and Spain with information on additional releases to be revealed at a later date.[6] On August 5, 2019, TEPPEN was released in Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Singapore, and Thailand[2][7] alongside Jill Valentine being added as a new Hero during the August 8th Japan Premiere Event. During this event, a new card pack titled "Day of Nightmares" was also announced which released on September 2nd which coincided with PAX 2019, where TEPPEN had its own booth (#825).[8][9][10]

Teppen at TGS 2019 - Nero announcement

Nero was announced as the next Hero to be added in the game at the 2019 Tokyo Game Show.

TEPPEN also had its own booth at TGS 2019, there, a new announcement was made and it was revealed that the next Hero in the game was going to be Nero, who was going to release alongside another card pack in November of the same year.[11][12] However, the release date ended up being changed to October 2019 instead.[13] A World Championship was also announced during the show.[14]


TEPPEN is comprised of two main modes: Solo Play, where players can experience a Hero's story or play practice matches against the CPU, and online Ranked Matches where players battle against one another. A Grand Prix mode is also available, but it is playable only for a limited time, where elimination battles are available.[3][15][16]

In the game, a "Hero" must be selected (two of them being Dante and Nero), and a deck of 30 cards can then be created which can include "unit" and "action" cards, only one Hero can be selected at a time, and each Hero has different Hero Arts (special abilities) that can be set onto the deck. All Heroes have a total of three abilities, one is always unlocked by default, while the other two must be unlocked by leveling up that Hero.[17][16]

The game is free for download but there are in-app purchases, however, the premium currency in question (Jewel) can be aquired in-game through tutorials, in-game rewards, events, etc.[16]

Manually changing the time settings on the mobile device may result in the game data becoming corrupted, if this happens, all in-game purchases will be lost, alongside any game progress.[16]



Dante fights the following opponents during his story: Morrigan, X and Chun-Li.

Teppen-Dante's Story-2

Dante encounters Morrigan.

As Dante is on his usual demon-hunting gig, he encounters Morrigan and decides to fight against the demon. Dante activates his Devil Trigger, but he noticed a child got caught in the cross-fire. Dante takes his focus off of Morrigan in order to save the little girl from a crumbling wall. Afterwards, Dante searches for Morrigan, but it was too late as she had taken the form of a human.

As he had realized it and was about to strike Morrigan, X gets in the way in order to protect Morrigan which starts their fight. After the battle ended, Dante resumed his search for Morrigan. However, a shady-looking woman appears and speaks to Dante, as she has done so, Dante gave an uncharacteristic grimace.

Teppen-Dante's Story-5

Dante blocks Chun-Li's path.

The two of them could see Chun-Li running off in the distance, and Dante ends up blocking her way which leads to their battle. In the end, the words the woman had spoken were "Mundus", it is stated that Mundus is the reason why Dante fights, and when the strange lady invites him to go to the Land of Illusion, he immediately accepts, stating "If there's a party going down in the Land of Illusion. I'll be damned if I'm not the guest of honor."

In the story mode of the characters Dante fights, it is revealed that:

  • Morrigan wanted to avoid the political duties that were inherited to her from her adoptive father, and so she went in search of something "stimulating", which made her want to battle Dante.
  • Morrigan wondered why Dante stopped attacking her after activating his Devil Trigger, instead, he flew towards an avalanche of debris, when he emerged, he had a child in his arms. She was intrigued over Dante using the strength of hell to save a human child.
Teppen-X's Story-4

X points his X-Buster at Dante.

  • X had just woken up from a sleep that took eons, but his principle remained: protect humans. X moved from the ruins he had woken up to a more populated area, he analyzed his surrounding location and found a town that was being attacked by a demon.
  • X scanned the target and the results showed that it was both human and demon, which shocked him. Robots must protect and never harm humans, what should he do...? He raised his X-Buster, his mind filled with doubt.
  • X managed to bring the fight to a remote forest, which saved the town from any further damage.
  • The reason why Chun-Li was seen running by Dante was because she was chasing off a possessed Ryu.
  • Dante deliberately fell down a tree in order to block Chun-Li's path.

At the end of all stories in the game, the mysterious woman always appears and mentions the "Land of Illusion" location to whichever character was being played.


DMC3 Dante Got to clean up the mess father left behind.

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Nero was released on October 31 (PST) / November 1 (JST) 2019.[18]

Hero InformationEdit

NOTE: Hero Art effects are taken from the time of their implementation, these are subject to change in the future.


DANTE - Devil May Cry
An audacious devil hunter who fronts as a mercenary. The wheels of destiny have started turning for this egotistical man, trying to warp his fate once again.[19]

Element: Teppen-icon-attribute-purple


Name Information Preview
#01. Quicksilver Inflicts <Slow> and Counterbind to all enemy units.


#02. Ebony & Ivory Enables all friendly units to trigger Resonate twice.

(Resonate will trigger twice instead of once when an Action Card is used.)

Ebony & Ivory

Ebony & Ivory

#03. Devil Trigger Take no damage for 10 seconds.
Devil Trigger

Devil Trigger


Nero was released on October 31 (PST) / November 1 (JST) 2019.[18]

NERO - Devil May Cry
A young hunter of demons. Though his demonic right arm was taken from him, the creation of a prosthetic weapon, the Devil Breaker, allowed him to get back into action. A new battle to regain his power and pride awaits.[20]

Element: Icon-attribute-green


Name Information Preview
#01. Devil Breaker Gives a friendly unit +3 Attack (effective for one attack) and <Spillover> (effective for one attack).
Devil Breaker

Devil Breaker

#02. True Power Increases the level of a friendly unit with <Growth> by 1.
True Power

True Power

#03. Hey, Nico! Randomly adds Gerbera, Ragtime, or Tomboy to your EX Pocket.
Hey, Nico!

Hey, Nico!

Card ListEdit


  • To see updated stats of the cards, visit the TEPPEN Wiki.
  • Only cards related to the Devil May Cry series are listed below.
  • Full illustrations of the cards can be found at TEPPEN/Gallery.

Basic CardsEdit


Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Lady Ryu004 Armed with all manner of weapons, a young girl sets off on her own to find a demon and destroy him. Yan Zhao, Yang Dang
Lucia Rathalos003 Devoting her life to the protection of her clan, she expertly wields twin blades to carve up the demons. Tiago da Silva
Kyrie X004 Clutching her necklace, this songstress still prays for the safe return of her childhood friend. Tiago da Silva
Trish Dante007 ??? ???
Dante Dante008 He walks the night, cutting down demons with a fearless smile. The hunt will continue until his revenge is complete. ???
Vergil Dante005 This half-human/half-demon shrouds his heart in cruelty to overcome the regrets of his past. Satoru Senda
Jester Dante001 The wicked clown laughs at everyone, leaving traces of blood in his dark trail. Time for beddy-bye... icula
Jackpot! Dante013 The Devil Hunter is humanity's last hope. Anyone can call upon him. Just say the word and he'll be there. Marianne Martin
Demonic Intimidation Dante012 This magnificent form, the incarnation of the demonic power that flows in his veins, lays waste to all in his path. Satoru Senda
Demonic Sneer Dante009 His expression is laced with sarcasm, his every move intented to provoke haughty demons Norikatsu Miyoshi
Beauty's Betrayal Dante010 The loveliest flowers also have the sharpest thorns. Be wary of them if you value your life. Vincent
Overpower Dante011 With his aloof mask removed, his icy glare pierces his foes --- a stare that freezes the air and mows down his foes. Chee Kok Seong
Arkham Wesker001 Enthralled by the allure of demons, he poured over ancient grimoires to attain legendary power for himself. ???
Nelo Angelo Nergigante004 ??? ???
Nico Nero007 When she needs to work, even base, seemingly useless materials are link uncut diamonds in her hands. For her, the workshop is the battlefield. Tropa Entertainment
Nico Nero008 As soon as the young hunter awoke, he made for the Land of Illusions. Granted new power, his lost arm and his lost pride were both his to reclaim. pin
Morrison Nero005 Need someone who can get things done? I know a guy. And if you need someone with info to sell, well, I know a guy for that, too. "Time to get to work." Çağlayan K. Göksoy
Goliath Nero001 The raging flames are the mark of my hunger, and those who stand between me and the throne of demons are but maggots to be crushed underfoot. For I am the incandescent king! Alexey Gorbatov
Behemoth Nero002 If you do not wish to die, do not oppose me. If you do not wish to fear me, do not free me. If you do not wish to suffer, do not try to run. Vanta Ket
Wire Snatch Nero013 A light rushed out from the young hunter's right arm, and at once, he was freed from the gravity's clutches. He looked down, sizing up the massive demon below him. And then... the hunter swooped. Alexey Gorbatov
Honed Battle Senses Nero012 A ray of light shot through the demon's body. Like a hurricane, the hunter swept through the underlings. Not even the loss of an arm could impair his combat skills. Çağlayan K. Göksoy
Aid Nero009 She is the creator of masterpieces. What demon would regret being felled by weapons of such craftsmanship? "...Well? What'll it be today?" Tropa Entertainment
Good News and Bad News Nero010 I got good news and bad news. Pick your poison. Thing is, that "good" news is terrible news for most people. "...Great news for you, though." Joao Silva
Leap Nero011 He slipped through the hail of bullets and kicked off from the wall at superhuman speed. Seeing the faint promise of victory on the horizon, he lept to seize it. Thanh Tuan


Name Card Flavor Text Artist
V Zero006 Though he appears frail, true strenght lurks within. His yearning hidden, the poet sings and the nightmares dance—all to bring back his lost other half. Lee Woo-Chul
6th Hell: Gluttony Zero001 This demon was charged with punishing gluttons using its dry, sandy breath. Lee Woo-Chul
Wayfarer's Resolve Felyne013 ??? ???

Core Card PackEdit

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Lady COR024 In the wake of demons stealing everything from her, she relinquinshed both her name and memories to seek revenge. friendhaircut
Credo COR065 With faith in his heart and a sword in his hand, the leader of the Order's knights is a true believer. ???
Unwavering Faith COR080 Pray and wish, nothing more. No matter what happens, their faith will never waver. Tropa Entertainment
Devil Hunter Dante COR116 All right, let's get this crazy party started! ???
Devil Trigger Dante T002 So, did you enjoy the party? Good, 'cause now it's time to call it a night... permanently! Marat Ars
Jester COR114 A demon with a bloody past seeks refuge in the guise of a clown.
Will it help him make peace with his past?
Mephisto COR107 ??? ???
5th Hell: Greed COR108 At times, curiosity can be one's downfall. Once the demon's coffin opens, hell shall truly break loose. ???
Plasma COR096 Wreathed in lightning, the bat freely changes its form. There is nothing its lone eye can see that it cannot imitate. Jiwon Kim
7th Hell: Lust COR097 Beware the shadow with the enormous scythe. If you can see it smile, it's already too late to escape. Reiko Murakami
1st Hell: Pride COR098 Do no discount their numbers. Though they are weak on their own, their willingness to die can make them deadly. Anthony Star
Arachne COR099 A demon shaped like a spider crawls out from unseen shadows. Once you are caught, not even your soul can escape. Jiwon Kim
Blood-goyle COR100 Perching on its blood-starved wings, it swoops down from the rafters to go after its prey. Jiwon Kim
Devil Trigger COR134 "My soul is calling for more power!"
Heeding the call, the power slumbering in the devil's blood begins to stir.
Henrik Rosenborg
Hidden Intent COR133 "See you there."
The secrets held by the devil hunter's partner remain hidden underneath a smile.
Agony COR129 The red pendant's gleam sent the dark demon into a fit of agony, as memories once thought forgotten returned. yusuke osanai
Weakened State COR119 After countless blows, his protective lightning had been destroyed. Stripped of power, the demon was now easy prey. ???
Arkham COR145 The ritual is upon us! At last, the power shall be mine! ???
Phantom COR146 Its spider-like hide shrugs off even demon sword blows, and crushes fools who would defy the Demon Emperor. ???
Griffon COR154 The demonic lightning-clad bird fries would-be pursuers to a crisp, all in the name of his glorious Demon Emperor. ???
Blood Destiny COR180 It was a sign of the Demon Emperor's resurgence. Disaster was closing in, but he shall not go down without a fight. ???
Deal With the Devil COR172 ??? ???
Summon Minions COR164 Lesser demons are summoned from beyond the darkness. Iron shears are their catalyst, bloody magic their flesh. ???
Summon Minions COR164 sct ??? ???


The DAY OF NIGHTMARES pack was first unveiled during the Asia-Japan Premiere Event on August 8, 2019, which also announced that Jill Valentine was going to be added as a Hero. This expansion was released on September 2nd, the same day PAX 2019 ended.[9]

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Unleashed Don022 The protector of the island can pull their trigger to take on a dove-like form. Use demonic power to defend a demon... Tropa Entertainment
Angelo Credo Don040 When Supreme General of the Holy Knights, Credo, takes on his Angelo Credo form, he becomes the most angelic demon you'll ever see. Chong Fei Kang, Wong Tuck Wai, Mike Chan Jinn Hoe
Ascension Ceremony Don049 A ritual for imbuing oneself with demonic power. At the cost of great suffering, a knight can obtain a powerful new form. icula
Loyal to the Cause Don046 Trusted by Sanctus himself, the Supreme General of the Holy Knights shall not hesitate to draw his blade against any fool who dare oppose Fortuna. icula
Trish Don064 A demon made in the form of a beautiful woman. Despite being created for evil, Trish found her humanity and decided to live among humans instead. Charlie Bowater
Hell Vanguard Don057 ??? ???
A Splendid Buffet Don070 Which one of you will satisfy my hunger? Hehe! Tonight should be interesting! friendhaircut
Agnus Don084 The leading scientist with the Order of the Sword, who gave up his humanity in exchange for power, thus sealing his fate. ???

The Devils Awaken PackEdit

A new card pack titled "The Devils Awaken" was originally set to release sometime in November 2019 alongside Nero as a Hero.[12] However, the release date ended up changing to October 2019.[13]

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
King Cerberus Tda012 Fury for its fallen brothers. Fury for the imputent. The hatred of the gatekeeper king transformed into flames, bathing it in crimson light. Julia Vasilyeva
Empusa Queen Tda007 In one fell swoop, the demon's massive sickle sliced through its prey, leaving a shower of blood in its wake. Amid the blood-rain, the queen reveled in ecstasy and madness. Andrey Kuzinskiy
Lady Tda008 The men set off for the top of the tree of the Demon World. As they left, the wunderkind of heavy weaponry watched over them. friendhaircut
Hellbat Tda001 Blazing wings of crimson flame light the way... Guiding intruders on the road to their demise. Romanov Pavel
Riot Tda002 Powerful limbs to spring on its prey. Sheathed talons to shred its victims. The demon's entire body is made for slaughter. Alexey Gorbatov
Empusa Tda003 The demonic insects feast on pools of flesh and blood. They swarm their prey, stuffing the morsels deep into their gullets—another victim in the blood sack. Ibrahem Swaid
Liberating Slash Tda025 With a sweep of his blade, he saves his comrade from the clutches of evil. The steam rises-a signal flare for the counterattack. friendhaircut
Forged in Battle Tda019 She was once at the mercy of the demons, but now she ascends to new heights, a rival to their prince. Together with her mother, she gives life to flowers of flame. Tropa Entertainment
One-Armed Hunter Nero Tda041 He lost the power of demons, but gained something new. Channeling heat into his trusty sword, the young man grinned. 'Don't underestimate humanity.' Satoru Senda
Devil Form Nero T035 He was committed to his cause, and willing to employ any tool to do what must be done. So long as there were people to save, then no price-be it demonic or not-was too high. Agri Karuniawan
Eva Tda037 My mother loved humanity, loved demons, and loved children. It's so far out of reach now... Her warm smile from the days of my childhood. Yoshiro Ambe
Nidhogg Tda032 It may be a despicable parasite, but its destructive potential is truly formidable. Be not deceived by appearances. Nikita Volobuev
Battle at the Summit Tda050 Brothers killing each other? That's insane! I'll put a stop to this stupid fight. If you got a problem with that, I'll put a stop to you too! Francis Tneh
Awakened Power Tda046 I couldn't do it. I couldn't protect him. Her brother... I won't let anyone else die. Bitter memories turn into a resolve, and dormant power awakens. Marat Ars
V, The Mysterious One Tda066 ??? ???
Familiar: Griffon T036 With lightning at its command, the bird mercilessly strikes down its prey. A mere click of its beak is enough to raise the voltage, and silence the demons. ???
Familiar: Shadow T037 The ferocious panther is but an illusion. Its shadow is the familiar's true form. Yet such knowledge lies beyond the scope of mortal men-they could no more catch their own shadow than comprehend this one. ???
Familiar: Nightmare T038 This familiar's towering, hulking body is pulsing with demonic power. With every blow, a shockwave reducing everything around it to rubble. ???
Dante Tda062 ??? ???
Elder Geryon Knight Tda063 ??? ???
Voltaic Black Knight T039 Imbued with lightning, the black knight left for a new battlefield. "Annihilate the rebels who dare defy the king..." The knight's blade gleams its silent assent. ???
Artemis Tda057 ??? ???
Hell Antenora Tda058 Pain leads to hatred, and hatred to power. Power can take away the pain or reduce your prey to scraps of flesh. Tim Mcburnie
Pyrobat Tda051 The bats that gather in the abyss bathe in the fires of Hell. The very same flames that burn the souls of foolish humans to ashes. Tim Mcburnie
Lusachia Tda052 Rows of mouths sing a song of vengeful curses. Death... Despair... Eternal suffering until you beg for release. Alexey Gorbatov
Qliphoth Roots Tda053 The tree's roots stretch out so that it can more efficiently absorb nutrients. The roots reach for you—a suitable source. Alexey Gorbatov
Souls' Return Tda073 For the man, it was a memory of defeat. His familiars' journey had come to an end. "Time to wake up, boss. No more bad dreams," grinned the raptorial bird. ???
The Outriders Tda074 The familiars' duties were to protect their master and clear the way. Those who hindered their master's advance would be sent straight back to Hell, without exception. Thanh Tuan
Dead Weight Tda070 "You're dead weight!" The bitter shout of a man who was prepared to die. No one had to die but him. He entrusted the future to those he believed in. icula
Dark Usurper Urizen Tda091 ??? ???
Malphas Tda087 Fool. There is no running from me. I am the master, and my beak and talons shall rend you asunder. ???
Death Scissors Tda082 ??? ???
Nobody Tda076 ??? ???
Forbidden Fruit Tda100 ??? ???
The Witches' Plaything Tda099 Six arms beckon to the poet, toying with him, inviting him to his death. Once caught, the mouse in the trap can only gasp with horror... Cory Trego-Erdner

The following are the cards randomly added by using Hey, Nico!. Cards added via Hey, Nico! can only be used in the current battle.[21]

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Gerbera T031 Countless rays of light tore through the demon's body. As it burned, the demon saw something beautiful in its final moments: flower petals that left destruction in their wake. Anastasia Shiyankova
Ragtime T032 Bad time to be takin' things slow, buddy. You're gonna have to pick up the pace if you want to take me on! Ilya Bondarenko
Tomboy T033 When the tomboy shouts, the Red Queen and the Blue Rose reveal their true forms. No sacrifice is too great if it helps to slaughter the demons. William Liu

The Force Seekers PackEdit

During the finals of the TEPPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 on December 21, a new card pack was announced which would be based around the Street Fighter series.[22]

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Forlorn Protector Lucia Tfs016 She may be a demon, but the way forward is clear. Her path is set, now she will walk it—as a warrior. Marisa Oh
Demon Form Lucia T041 She was far too elegant and beautiful to be called a demon. A mere flutter of her white wings was all it took to bring the demons to their knees. Marisa Oh
Furiataurus Tfs007 The blazing demon immolates itself with a second burst of heat—preparing to mercilessly pound, crush, and burn away the sinners. The trial by fire begins now. Lee Woo-Chul
Blade Tfs003 The demon's powerful tail and sharp talons tear at its helpless prey, and its fleeing victims are caught by bullets of blood. Expect no pity from this foot soldier of the Demon World. ???
Unwavering Blade Tfs023 ??? ???
Orangguerra Tfs034 A raging demon with powerful, muscular arms that leaves a pile of corpses in its wake. Who will be next to be added to the heap? Cory Trego-Erdner
Plutonian Tfs030 Crimson red stains the demon's body and its weapon. Another swing of its arm, and the stain deepens. And another...and another... Tropa Entertainment
Gold Orb Tfs049 A secret treasure with the power to awaken lost souls. Even those poor souls lost when the continent was destroyed were within its reach. ???
Bolverk Tfs064 ??? ???
Twin Familiars T043 Chains are a symbol of restraint. But when you see the white wolves, you should realize that the chains are merely a deception. Romanov Pavel
Arius-Argosax Tfs065 ??? ???
Arius Tfs061 My body is a fusion of science and demonic power... Yes, I am the perfect ruler of this world. Antonio Stappaerts
Matier Tfs053 She once fought to protect others. Now an old woman, this battle-tested veteran watches over her daughter's path instead. Tan Yu Chi
Agonofinis Tfs055 Argh! The pain, the pain! My whole body courses with agony! Now, you shall feel it too! Reiko Murakami
Puia Tfs056 Among the birds of prey, none are natural predators of the creatures that live on the ground. Among the demons, however... Let this fiend show you the answer. Anthony Star
Bangle of Time Tfs072 A memento of Eva, Dante and Vergil's mother. Hidden within this bangle is the power to stop the flow of time itself. Alexey Gorbatov

Haunted by Memories PackEdit

The Haunted by Memories expansion was announced on February 21, 2020 (JST),[23] it was based on the Mega Man series. This expansion released on March 1 (PST) / 2 (JST).[24]

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Nero Hbm032 The young devil hunter charged into battle, wielding his trusty sword. Power. He wanted more power. He was tired of being treated like a kid. Goncalo Pereira
Power Unleashed Hbm048 With conviction coursing through his fists, this time it was his turn to knock some sense into them. His demonic powers had awoken... to stop a pair of fools who were too full of themselves. Kirillova Polina
V Hbm059 ??? ???
V Hbm059 sct ??? ???
Trish Hbm058 Wielding the devil-sword, she dances gracefully on the battlefield. A demon who delights at hunting others of her kind. Does she hunt to repay a past kindness? Yu Cheng Hong
Escape from Control Hbm067 ??? ???
Parry Hbm068 ??? ???
Knockout Hbm063 ??? ???
Nelo Angelo Hbm085 ??? ???
Demonic Alter-Ego Hbm095 ??? ???
Crossed Blades Hbm090 ??? ???

Adventures of a Tiny Hero PackEdit

The Adventures of a Tiny Hero expansion was first announced on May 24, 2020.[25] It is based on the Monster Hunter series and released on July 1.[26]

Note: All of the Flavor Texts in this expansion are told from the perspective of Felyne.

Name Card Flavor Text Artist
Determined Hunter Lady Ath017 I wonder how Lady's set up her bowgun? I asked her to dismantle it once so I could see, and she hissed at me! Francis Tneh
Blade Ath011 I had a run-in with this spring-heeled creep when I was exploring a castle once... If it weren't for my wild animal instincts, I'd have been a goner! Antonio Stappaerts
Fury Ath001 ??? ???
Frost Ath003 ??? ???
Trump Card Ath025 This is the last trick Lady's got up her sleeve: get the fireworks out and blast 'em to smithereens! What a rush! It's just like using a Barrel Bomb! ???
Furious Salvo Ath023 Nero's really gotta learn to watch his mouth. That's why they just opened fire on us...
Hery, leave my tail out of this!
Unexpected Assault Ath024 Nero, watch out! ...Huh, he noticed already. Well then, I guess that means my work here is done. Good luck, Nero! Didier Nguyen & Christophe Liebert
Wild Woman's Weapon Ath022 I can barely lift this thing! Sure is impurressive how Lady can swing this bowgun around like it's nothing... ???
Head Chopper Ath018 ??? ???
Nero Ath039 You have to be strong before you can purr-otect anything, so I'm learning how to fight from Nero! First, I'll start with special training to shoot from my paws, just like him! Francis Tneh
Nico Ath026 ??? ???
The Trinity Ath050 Meow! Me, Nero, and Nico make an unstoppable team! C'mon, guys! We'll blitz right through '1m! Jeremy Chong
Beguiling Empress Nevan Ath067 She's a scary demon lady who's purr-otected by bats and attacks her enemies with lightning! Yowl! I'm tired of getting zapped! Temosi
Trish Ath065 She's so purr-etty, and she's got flashy fighting moves just like Nero! She's one human I can really count on to get things done! ...What do you mean, she's a demon? friendhaircut
Damned Bishop Ath059 That stone statue just shot a fireball at me! Good thing the glow gave it away just in the nick of time... I could have been toast! William Liu
Damned Queen Ath060 ??? ???
Damned King Ath061 ??? ???
Damned Pawn Ath051 ??? ???
Damned Rook Ath053 ??? ???
Damned Knight Ath056 ??? ???
Earth Mother's Magnetism Ath075 What the-!? The meownster's pulling your Devil Breaker toward it! You've gotta stop it, Nero! Nico's gonna be furr-ious if you lose it! Thanh Tuan
Witch of the Abyss Ath074 Nero... My wild animal instincts are telling me that we're in danger.
...Nero? Nero! Are you listening!?
Yu Cheng Hong
Checkmate Ath071 I saw my life flashing before my eyes! It's a good thing I'm a Felyne Escape Artist, or I'd have been crushed flat! Tim Mcburnie
Floor Trap Ath072 ??? ???
Beelzebub Ath079 ??? ???
Return of the Heretics Ath100 Hery, Nero... What are those people doing? They all keep muttering "Nevan" over and over again... Marat Ars
Death's Executioner Ath098 Nero! Hold on! I'm coming to save you-
Well, excuse me for trying to help!
Andrey Kuzinskiy
Gathering Malice Ath095 ??? ???


During the month the game released, it reached the #3 spot in the card game category in the App Store. It had a 4.6/5 star rating out of 1.3K votes.[3] At Google Play, the game had been installed 100.000+ times by the 10th of July, just six days after it was released, the game had a 4.1/5 star rating out of 4K votes.[15] As of November 2019, TEPPEN surpassed 4 million downloads.[27] A month later, it was nominated as the Game of the Year and other categories in Game Informer's 2019 Games Of The Year.[28]


  • When Dante uses Quicksilver, he says "Stand still!", which is the same line he says when using the Quicksilver Style in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.
  • In the Jackpot! card, the Devil May Cry logo inside the shop is purple, when it has always been red throughout all games.
  • This game marks the second time the Devil May Cry series had some type of crossover with the Mega Man series, the first being the Mega Buster in Devil May Cry 5.
  • The Arius-Argosax (TFS 065) card was translated incorrectly in the game, the Japanese name of the card is アルゴサクス・ザ・ケイオス (Arugosakusu za keiosu, アルゴサクス・ザ・ケイオス?) which would translate to Argosax the Chaos. The localization named the card "Arius-Argosax" which is a different boss in Devil May Cry 2.

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