Novel canon in relation to DMC3

Deleted the following: 

"Another note is that Devil May Cry 3 makes reference to Dante and Vergil fighting multiple times before the events of the game. As Dante and Vergil are twins with similar powers, Vergil's body was left on the ground full of bullet wounds at the end of the novel. As Dante has taken several injuries himself in the novel and through the series, Vergil could have recovered and became the same one faced as a character in both the Devil May Cry 3 manga and Devil May Cry 3 game.

If the novel were to become canon, the biggest controversy, the novel's epilogue, would need to be removed entirely and the novel would be placed before the Devil May Cry 3 manga in the canon."

because the canon status of the novel can't be fixed just by removing the epilogue and shoving it before the DMC3 manga in the timeline. 

Gilver is not the same person that Dante fights against in the manga and the game, not only because neither of them acknowledge that the novel happened whatsoever, but because Gilver was responsible for the deaths of multiple people that Dante knew of. He murdered Grue, he used Jessica as fuel for the demonic tree that would open a path between the human and demon worlds, he killed Nell just to bring back Dante's memories of Eva dying, and he even sacrificed the patrons in Bobby's Cellar. He and Dante's attitudes toward each other in the manga and game don't reflect this at all, and it's pretty baffling to expect Dante to be so cavalier about the fact that his twin willingly caused the deaths of just about everyone he knew, if not the whole town he used to live in. Morgan Evans (talk) 14:18, December 26, 2012 (UTC)

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