For clearer details, here is the table for the secret missions:

Mission Description Time Limit Requirements
1: The Exorcist Defeat all enemies within the time limit. 60 seconds -none-
2: Untouchable Defeat all enemies while taking no damage. -none- Dash (optional)
3: Death From Above Stay in the air for 20 seconds or more. 20 seconds (minimum time) Air Raid (optional)
4: Devil's Teeter-totter Ride the elevator to the top. -none- Beowulf (optional)
5: Destroyer Destroy every destructible background object within the time limit. 40 seconds -none-
6: Flight of the Demon Collect every red orb within the time limit. 30 seconds Air Raid, max DT slot
7: Hang 10 Obtain the blue orb fragment. 30 seconds Max DT slot, Devil Star (optional)
8: Tough Guys Destroy every enemy. -none- -none-
9: Target Practice Do not let a single enemy escape. -none- Guns
10: Guiding Light Solve the crystal puzzle. -none- -none-
11: On Pins and Needles Avoid the spikes and obtain the blue orb. -none- Dash
12: Final Ascension Obtain the blue orb fragment. -none- Air Hike

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