"A shadow knight rose up, holding an enchanted sword named after me. That blade will challenge the devil's reign.

Destroying the minions of darkness that stand in his path, the knight finally faced the strongest demon. But his strength was no match for the devil's dark wrath. He was defeated and fell into oblivion.

The people offered up their prayers, believing in the day when the darkness would pass, and sang songs of rememberance to the fallen knight.

These prayers became our strength, our miracle, and by this miracle the shadow knight was reborn, and once again fought the devil's power.

As the shadow knight said, the darkness has cleared."

This is on the back of the manual

In my opinion, Sparda wrote it and, well, I know this might not be true but, I think that it could mean that Nero is a reincarnation of someone.

...Sanctus is the Shadow Knight. It's a prophecy that he intended to fulfill, and he's the only one who remotely comes close to fulfilling it. That's also why it shows the Opera House/cathedral in the background - it's probably what he was speaking before Kyrie began singing.KrytenKoro 21:13, 15 May 2008 (UTC)

im quite sure that the prophecy pretains to sparda because it said he was no match for his dark wrath and sanctus died by nero and nero isnt really all that evil but i have noticed that nero's devil arm is purple and his coat is a purple color with red so it could be that nero is a reincarnation of sparda himself since he's not half demon like dante or virgil he cant change his arm to a normal arm like dante and vergilso im betting that nero is sparda

i've also been hearing random rumors of a seguel to this game some say that vergil posseses nero through yamato others say that sparda comes back and one i heard said that vergil is alive and knows who nero really is so i dont know but has anyone else heard any of thesse67.158.15.172 00:38, October 24, 2009 (UTC)

That's the opposite of logic. If "he was no match for the Devil's Dark Wrath" - that means the shadow knight DIED, like SANCTUS DID. Nero is a devil, the prophecy doesn't say he has to be evil (even though Sanctus did consider him to be evil).Glorious CHAOS! 09:19, October 24, 2009 (UTC)
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