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Okay so Dante is a half devil half human right(this is important to this point) He wields the guns Ivory in his right hand and Ebony in his left. The guns also have the image of woman who match the name more or less. There is a goddess that is the daughter of Hades and Persephone called Melinoe who is dark on the left and bright on the right, Goddess of Ghosts and can take the appearance of a dead loved one to guilt and defeat her foes. These guns first appeared in the game that had an aspect of Melinoe in the three main characters: Dante is the son of Sparda and Eva, who act in place of Hades and Persephone in this case, Mundus is treated as the God of Demons(another word of which is apparition), while Trish takes the appearance of a dead loved one of the person she is manipulating feels guilt towards. So what do you guys think, Coincidence or Not? Pulseman21, 05:54 PM, June 9, 2012

Background Edit

Ebony and Ivory could be a nod and a wink to the Casull and Jackal used by one of the main protagonists in the manga "Hellsing"

"Pub date: Dec 01, 1999"

"発売日: 1999/12" (Release Date: 1999/12)

Whereas Devil May Cry came out in 2001 by all accounts.

Trothyr (talk) 00:28, October 15, 2012 (UTC)

It could be, or it couldn't. It's unverifiable, though, and there's been many instances of people using different colored guns throughout the history of media. We can only really put down things we know to be fact, and there's no way of knowing if the DMC1 dev team was inspired by Hellsing or some other media. Derekoe|Hot-blooded God of Guns| (talk) 00:41, October 15, 2012 (UTC)

canonical origins Edit

Any idea who made them, why and when? I don't think the novel with "Nell" counts as canon, each source says something else.Elveonora (talk) 17:44, November 24, 2012 (UTC)

Yeah, the sources do kind of contradict each other. All we know for certain is that they were custom made and have an inscription on them to Tony Redgrave from .45 Art Warks. In cases like this, the best we can do is state what we know, and add a note about what is contradictory. We have the same dilemma with Sparda's fate, unfortunately: Some souces say he did, others say he just disappeared. We my never know the truth. --Anobi (talk) 21:42, November 24, 2012 (UTC)
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