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  • [2] (Scarecrow Leg, Arm, and Assault)
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  1. Devil May Cry 4, Lesser Demons File — Chimera Seed: "A seed from a demonic tree, Chimera Seeds are both sentient and intelligent. After their creation, Chimera Seeds seek out hosts to fulfill their parasitic desires."
  2. Devil May Cry 4, Lesser Demons File — Chimera: "A demon sporting a sprouted Chimera Seed. It moves unaware that it has become host to a parasite, and attacks alongside the Chimera Seed. Thus it is advisable to weaken the Chimera Seed with small arms fire and then take down its host."
  3. Devil May Cry 4, Boss File — Echidna: "Master of a forest home to many demonic mysteries, Echidna scatters its seeds to act as hosts for further demons. She aims to create a world where demons prosper through her plant-like progeny. Appearing to be a dragon, Echidna takes the shape of a woman wrapped in petals."

Echidna's Transformations Edit

Should we place Echidna's Transformations? I think it needs sections to this page. Echidna has a total of 5 transformations namely;

  1. Normal (or female form)
  2. Raged Form (yellow aura)
  3. Devil Trigger (DMD only)
  4. Spider
  5. Dragon (or snake form)

I have added these images of transformations to the Gallery Section KevzMarz 07:53, July 31, 2011 (UTC)

Well, do we actually need them? While it may be good for the sake of "completeness", I doubt it is really necessary to put them. They aren't required to understand the article, and, personally, they don't look that good on page. The quality of these screenshots is a bit muggy too.

Where did I put that scroll for summoning Kryten? I'd appreciate his opinion on this. Flia 00:10, August 1, 2011 (UTC)

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