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Tartarussian and Plutonian are two demons who are mostly the same, except the former is blue and the latter is red. they both have what looks like an iron cage surrounding living tissue, like the "Finis" type demons they command. They both have large metal spheres for hands and the spheres are on chains, allowing it to whack you or whip you depending on how close you are. After getting hit enough they will flinch, though it is a small opening due to their weight. During the fight with Plutonian, it can summon Agonofinis enemies and cause electricity to come from the walls. Plutonian is also slightly stronger and is harder to make flinch.


To defeat the Tartarussian and Plutonian easily, have a lot of devil stars, large or small, and keep DT'ing to defeat them. They will flinch a lot and not have time to attack.

Both Tartarussian and Plutonian are two headed giants who disregarded the law of the Demon World. As punishment, they were set to guard the Arcana Spada and Arcana Calice.


Tartarus is the portion of the Greek underworld, Hades, which was devoted to the punishment of sinners. It is also considered a primordial deity.

Pluto is the Roman name of the god who rules over Hades.



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